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BCD Explosion proof electric hoist of DJCRANES

Product Type: BCD
Lifting Capacity:0.5-16t
Lifting Height/Span Length:6-50m
Working Class:M3
Ambient temperature: 


Explosion-proof electric hoist is a third-party certification of explosion-proof electrical products, can be used in flammable and explosive gases or flammable dust in dangerous places.

The main features of explosion-proof hoist are: explosion-proof motor is used for motor, explosion-proof electric control box for control box, explosion-proof operation handle for operation handle, anti-collision sign, etc.

The lifting capacity of explosion-proof electric hoist is 0.5 to 16 tons, and the working-class explosion-proof gourd is M3. The main parameters of the hoist are as follows:


Applications of Explosion-proof electric hoist

The explosion-proof electric hoist can be used on the main I-beam track to carry materials in a straight line or curve operation or installed on a fixed support as a heavy-load lifting solution. Explosion-proof electric hoist can also be fixed in different applications, and explosion-proof single-girder bridge crane or explosion-proof double-girder bridge crane work together.

Environmental conditions of Explosion Proof Electric hoist

Explosion proof electric hoist is applied to the environment with the elevation below 1000m, with relative humility, with the Class I, Class IIB and IIC.

The temperature scale of explosion proof hoist is class T1-T4 (explosion hazardous area).

Explosion proof electric hoist can be hanged on I beam rail, explosion proof single girder or double girder, or other fixed support for material handling, etc.

Advantages of Explosion Proof Electric Hoist

Explosion proof electric hoist from DJCRANES has the following advantages:

1. Compact structure, small size, light weight, large capacity.

2. High safety and reliability.

3. All the spare parts are generalized and changeable, which make hoist maintenance easy and simple.

4. No spark materials are used to the outside parts enhancing anti-explosion ability of electric hoist.

5. Explosion proof electric hoist is designed and manufactured according to GB3836-2000.

Features of Explosion Proof Electric Hoist

Explosion proof electric hoist from DJCRANES has the following features: 

1. On lifting motor

Lifting motor used in explosion proof hoist is fully closed tapered rotor asynchronous motor of explosion-proof motor series.

Max .torque of lifting motor is 2-3 times of full loading, ensuring the safety and reliability of explosion proof hoist.

The lifting motor has the insulation class of B or F and the protection class is IP44/IP54.

2. Lifting reducer

Explosion proof hoist adopts standardized modulus of cylindrical gears, installed with antifriction bearing, which is convenient to maintenance.

High strength gear and gear shaft are made from heat treated alloy steel.

Lifting reducer shell is made of high quality cast iron which is closely assembled and is dust proof.

The lifting reducer can work reliably and high efficiency.

3.  On hook

The hook of explosion proof electric hoist is made of high quality carbon steel, supported in the hook beam through a single scroll thrust bearing, free oscillation.

Hook for 5t and below loads is single slippery wheel whereas hook for 10t or heavier loads is double slide wheel.

Explosion proof hoist use hooks with card board type structure at hook end.

When explosion proof hoist is applied to application of explosion –proof dllCT4, the hood head will be made from stainless steel.

Protection devices are adopted, such as, up and down traveling limiter, overloading limiter, and anti-clashing devices, etc.

4. Operation

Explosion proof electric hoist can be operated through wire rope control and remote control.  The explosion proof switches is safe and reliable. 

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