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Magnetic Chuck of DJCRANES

DJCRANES magnetic chuck is divided into hand control magnetic chuck and electromagnetic chuck as crane spare parts.

Magnetic Chuck Introduction

Magnetic chuck is divided into hand control magnetic chuck and electromagnetic Chuck. The Nd-Fe-B magnetic material with high performance is used to make it smaller, lighter, more attractive, unique magnetic circuit design and almost zero remanence. The maximum pull-out force is 2.8-4 times the rated lifting gravity.

hand control magnetic chuck's handle switch with safety button, can be operated by one hand, convenient and safe. V-shaped groove design for bottom of crane.

The electromagnetic chuck does not need to pull the handle manually. It can lift the corresponding round steel and steel plate by lifting the hook of the electric crane. It is safe to use and can be widely used for lifting and transporting of steel, installation and transporting of flat mechanical parts and various moulds.

Application of Magnetic Chuck

The magnetic chuck is mainly used to connect the lifted workpiece in the hoisting process, and to move the iron plate, the iron block and the cylindrical magnetic conducting material. Easy to operate, safe and reliable, compact and lightweight results. It is suitable for lifting and handling of normal temperature steel plate in shipbuilding, construction machinery, automobile and other industries. It is widely used in factories, wharfs, warehouses and transportation industries. It can improve the working conditions and efficiency of handling operation.

Feature of Magnetic Chuck

1. Compact structure, compact shape and easy operation

2. High-performance permanent magnetic material, no demagnetization

3. There is no need for power or other power support when working.

4. Advanced scientific magnetic circuit balancing design, strong absorptive force, almost zero remanence, safe and reliable

5. The maximum pull-out force is 3.5 times the rated lifting gravity and the safety factor is high.

Notice for use

  • Check the welding joint on non-magnetic guard board and other welding joint regularly.

  • Check the connecting box and cables regularly. Any problem detected should be repaired or the problematic item should be replaced in time.

  • Check the electromagnet insulation resistance and coil dc resistance regularly and repair it when necessary.

  • Check the situation of electric control equipment regularly.

  • Attention to the electromagnet working current in thermal state. When the working current exceeds the normal current, the operations should be stopped and inspection is needed.

  • Keep current voltage pressure stable, and diamagnetic link work normally and avoid the high and middle voltage impact the current coil.

  • The use of electromagnet should according to the operation instruction, and please do not change the on-load factor.

  • Electromagnet should be used in the allowable condition.