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Crane Busbar: Introduction, Types & Quality Evaluation

General introduction

Crane busbar is used to move the power supply equipment, consists of two parts, one is the guide rail(fixed part, into the power supply), another one is collector(sliding parts, can be in sliding orbit or sliding contact with the copper bar and took electricity, collector is used to connected to the mobile motor)

Three types of the busbar

Single pole sliding wire

single pole busbar.png 

Multipole sliding wire


No seam sliding wire

seamless wire.png 


If you just need the crane busbar system, two specifications need to be confirmed:

Total power of your crane___kw?

If you have required crane basbar model, you can directly send it to us, and then we can give you the quotation. If you don't have exact idea, please share the total power with me, we have professional technical engineer, they can customize the most suitable busbar for you according to your crane total power.


This is a basic specification. Price is based on the quantity.


Due to we are the manufacturer, so we produce these spare parts by ourselves, And have a large number of stock. If you place the order, we can delivery it to you at any time.

 Here are some pictures for your reference:

busbar application.png 

Crane busbar quality can be based on the following standard constant:

  • Service life of carbon brush -- it belongs to consumable products, and the driving distance affects the maintenance cycle of equipment.

  • Shell quality -- applicable temperature, environment, etc.

  • Collector performance - mainly from the service life of the wheel, the design of the turning wheel and collector to meet the use of various environments.

  • Expansion problem -- after the length of more than 100 meters to consider the expansion problem.

  • Voltage drop problem -- according to the length of various copper strip voltage drop is different.

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