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Details of Various Electric Double Girder Bridge Cranes

Many electric double-bridge bridge cranes today can work in places where it is not easy to work in flammable, explosive media or places with high humidity and corrosive gases. It is also suitable for lifting molten metal and toxic and flammable materials.

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What are the requirements for the single girder crane on the ground?

What are the ground requirements for a single girder crane? The road surface is the ultimate medium for the self-weight and lifting capacity of the single girder crane. The bearing capacity and flatness of the ground are directly related to the safe operation of the crane.

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Dirt Cleaning After Use of Electric Hoists

Cleaning steps and specific operation methods of electric hoist equipment. See more details here.

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Overhead Cranes and Gantry Cranes Rail Gnawing Problems

Crane rail gnawing means that during the operation of the crane cart or trolley, a certain gap should be maintained between the wheel rim of the cart or trolley and the side of the track, but the wheel rim and the side contact of the track generate a horizontal lateral thrust, which causes friction and wears on the wheel rim and the track, which is what we call rail gnawing.

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Advantages and Structural Characteristics of European Cranes

The concept of European cranes has emerged in the industry in recent years, the purpose is to distinguish it from the so-called domestic, Soviet and traditional cranes of the past.

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What are the requirements for material selection of overhead cranes cast?

Casting cranes are one of the main equipment in the continuous casting process of steelmaking. It is mainly used for mixing molten iron in the converter charging span to the converter, hoisting the molten steel to the refining furnace in the refining span, or hoisting the molten steel in the molten steel span to the continuous casting turntable.

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Failure Analysis and Causes of Overhead Cranes Reducers

The reducer is one of the main components of the overhead crane operating mechanism. Common reducers include worm gear reducers, planetary reducers and hard tooth surface reducers.

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DJCranes will Attend FABEX Saudi Arabia 2022

FABEX Saudi Arabia 2022 will be held from 2nd - 5th, October 2022 in Saudi Arabia. DJCranes, as a crane supplier, will attend FABEX Saudi Arabia 2022.

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How to improve the service life of the electric chain hoist?

Here is an introduction for how to improve the service life of the electric chain hoist and how to adjust the electric chain hoist brake? See more details.

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Introduction of Diesel Fully Self-Propelled Articulating Arm Aerial Work Vehicle

The articulating arm aerial work vehicle can work in humid, corrosive, dusty, high-temperature, and low-temperature environments. See more details here.

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Different Kinds of Packages for Cranes and Hoists

Proper outer packaging is very important during long-term transportation. See details to know more about how to package cranes, hoists, winches here.

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10 Ton Electric Trolley Type Electric Wire Rope Hoist for the Democratic Republic of Congo Customer

10-ton Single Speed Electric Trolley Type Electric Wire Rope Hoists for Congo Customers. Customized according to customers’ needs. More details here.

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The difference and maintenance of single girder overhead cranes and double girder overhead cranes

Here is the difference and maintenance of single girder and double girder overhead cranes, and an introduction to how to choose single beam cranes.

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What are components and main functions of electric chain hoists?

DJCranes produces electric chain hoists for more than 34 years. Click here to know more about the components and functions of electric chain hoists.

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DJcranes Will Join In UzMining Expo 2022

The 12th international specialized exhibition UzMining Expo 2022 will be held on April 5th to 7th, 2022 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. DJcranes is glad to notify that we will join in UzMining Expo 2022.

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