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DJCRANES is in strict control of various factors affecting the quality of crane and hoist, focus on the procurement of crane parts and process control of crane manufacturing so that the quality of cranes and hoists has a reliable guarantee.  DJCRANES has the capacity of crane parts processing and assembly to the whole crane manufacturing and installation,we can make sure to provide our customers high-quality products services.

Advanced Crane Design Technology

The drawings of crane and hoist are all based on the latest international standards, all of which have been optimized so that the crane mechanism is more reasonable.


Crane Design Drawing 

Global Optimal Procurement of Crane Parts and Raw Materials

Our crane parts and raw materials have passed the quality inspection and acceptance of the supporting products to ensure the quality and advanced. For example, the supplier of steel manufacturers are all famous domestic large-scale steel enterprise, and the motor supplier is selected from more than ten production plants. According to your requirements, we will choose the matching parts manufacturers, both to meet the performance requirements, but also to facilitate future maintenance.


Advanced Crane Processing Technology and Equipment

In order to ensure the processing quality of our cranes and hoists, our company has developed a set of crane processing technology that conforms to the modern production and the actual situation of our company, and is equipped with corresponding modern production equipment from raw materials to the crane processing and delivery.

 For example: fully equipped physical and chemical analysis equipment, raw material pretreatment machine, CNC cutting machine, CNC machining equipment, fully functional heat treatment equipment and submerged arc welding, CO2 gas shielded welding, various special equipment and large lifting equipment etc,. These equipment provide a reliable guarantee for the production of high quality crane products.

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eight-cross-workshop-s.jpgeight-cross-workshop.jpg constant-temperature-cnc-workshop-s.jpgconstant-temperature-cnc-workshop.jpg heat-treatment-workshop-s.jpgheat-treatment-workshop.jpg

    Eight Cross Workshop                   Constant Temperature CNC Workshop             Heat Treatment Workshop

machining-workshop-s.jpgmachining-workshop.jpg ld-wheel-finishing-s.jpgld-wheel-finishing.jpg forged-wheel-line-s.jpgforged-wheel-line.jpg

 Machining Workshop                                LD Wheel Finishing                                      Forged Wheel Line 

single-girder-welding-s.jpgsingle-girder-welding-line.jpg end-girder-production-line-s.jpgend-girder-production-line.jpg single-beam-flexible-production-line-s.jpgsingle-beam-flexible-production-line.jpg

        Single Girder Welding Line                        End Girder Production Line               Single Beam Flexible Production Line 

side-plate-molding-production-line-s.jpgside-plate-molding-production-line.jpg u-shaped-groove-one-time-molding-production-line-s.jpgu-shaped-groove-one-time-molding-production-line.jpg v-method-casting-production-line-s.jpgv-method-casting-production-line.jpg

Side Plate Molding Production Line   U Shaped Groove Molding Production Line     V Method Casting production Line

600-ton-bridge-crane-test-platform-s.jpg600-ton-bridge-crane-test-platform.jpg electric-hoist-testing-platform-s.jpgelectric-hoist-testing-platform.jpg large-floor-boring-and-milling-machine-s.jpglarge-floor-boring-and-milling-machine.jpg

   Overhead Crane Testing Platform                Electric Hoist Testing Platform           Large Floor Boring and Milling Machine  

Complete, Scientific and Advanced Inspection Method

DJCRANES has a sound product quality assurance system, a complete quality inspection organization and quality inspection personnel, and equipped with various corresponding quality inspection instruments.

For example, laboratory for testing materials, X-ray flaw detector and ultrasonic flaw detector and weld inspection ruler for testing weld material, Brinell hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, portable hardness tester for testing hardness,level gauge for checking the degree of crown on the bridge and the level difference of the wheel, Gear comprehensive performance tester for checking gear machining accuracy and electric hoists and cranes testing platform for testing overall performance of crane and hoist.

digital-multimeter.jpg digital-megameter.jpg laser-archometer.jpg

        Digital Multimeter                             Digital Megameter                             Laser Archometer   

theodolite.jpg radiographic-testing.jpg ultrasonic-testing.jpg

       Theodolite                               Radiographic Testing(RT)                    Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

thickness-tester.jpg coating-test.jpg metal-hardness-tester.jpg

     Thickness Tester                                  Coating Testing                           Metal Hardness Tester


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