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QZ Series Double Girder Overhead Crane with Grab

QZ Grab Bucket Double Girder Overhead Crane

Lifting Capacity:5t to 20t
Span:10.5m to 34.5m
Lifting Height:6m to 18m
Working Class:A6
Ambient Temperature:-20℃ to 60℃

Grab Bucket Overhead Crane Introduction

QZ series double girder grab crane is a heavy-duty bridge crane equipped with grab bucket designed and manufactured by DJCRANES. It can be used frequently. The lifting capacity of grab crane includes grabbing weight from 5 tons to 20 tons. The working level of grab crane is A6.

Technical Data of QZ Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

The specifications of the grab crane are in the following table: 

QZ Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

Lifting heightm6~186~186~186~18
Lifting speedm/min39.239.341.845.7
Trolley speedm/min44.645.943.243.2
Crane speedm/min93.6112.59887.3
Work duty
Track type
P43 or QU70P43 or QU70QU70 or  90*90QU70 or  90*90

Components of Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

QZ series grab bucket double girder overhead crane is mainly consisted of crane bridge, crane traveling mechanism, winch lifting trolley, electric equipment, grab bucket, etc. 

The bridge frame consists of the bridge main girder and two elevated legs. The main girder is the load-bearing mechanism of the crane, which bears the lifting load and the self-weight of the traveling mechanism of the trolley, and transmits it to the track through the outriggers.

The crane traveling mechanism of the cart is the driving device for the whole bridge grab machine to travel longitudinally along the track on the ground. It is installed on the outrigger of the bridge frame.

The brake is used to make the bridge grab machine stop at the required position accurately and reliably. The brakes usually hold the wheels tightly and are only released when walking.

The winch lifting trolley are devices that enable the trolley to travel laterally along the trolley track on the main girder of the bridge frame. The lifting and closing mechanism of the grab is the main working mechanism of the bridge grab machine, and it is a device used to grab and unload materials. The whole machine is installed on the trolley frame. It is composed of motor, coupling, brake, reducer and rope drum.


Grab Bucket Overhead Crane Design Drawing

Application of grab crane

Double girder grab bucket overhead crane is widely used in steel plants, ports, cement plants, waste recycling stations, smelting workshop power stations to load and unload scattered objects. Grab cranes have higher requirements for hot, dusty and corrosive environments.

Advantage and features of grab bucket crane

■   Optimal designed grab cranes are widely used for serving stores and bunkers with automatic, semiautomatic and manual control.

■   Laser-assisted height measurement is equipped with the grab overhead crane.

■   Grab cranes can work all around clock.

■   Safety protection devices such as limit switches for lift and CT are equipped for safe lifting and traveling.

■   Overload Protection Device increases performance security.

■   Easy and convenient operation is realized by remote control of grab cranes.

■   Equipped with double speed mechanism, our grab cranes have a better working performance in terms of precision.

■   Low voltage protection, phase sequence protection and emergency stop device are equipped to grab cranes.

■   Warning indicators are installed: flashing lights and warning sound.  

Grab bucket  

Grab bucket is a tool for efficiently loading and unloading materials such as, sands, coal, mineral powder and bulk chemical fertilizer, etc. The grab bucket is equipped for the crane to grab bulk materials.


Grab Bucket for Overhead Crane

There are two types of grab buckets, the orange grab and clamshell grab. The orang grab is suitable for handling materials, such as, steel scrap, big iron stock, garbage, and steel mills whereas the clamshell grab is used to lift small bulk materials, such as, grain, bulk fertilizer, etc.

Precautions for grab cranes in normal use:

1. Before each shift, the safety performance test of no-load lifting, rotation, luffing, front and rear running, braking, and limit device should be carried out. If there is a fault in the equipment, the fault should be eliminated before formal operation.

2. When operating the grab crane, straighten the spreader for hanging the cargo, align it with the center line, and then lift it safely. Towing hook operation is strictly prohibited.

When the hook has been hung but the weight has not been lifted, it is forbidden for the crane to move the position of the hook or make rotational movements. Welds shall not be fixed inside the ship or buried in beaches where the weight cannot be determined.

FAQ about Grab Bucket Double Girder Overhead Crane

1. Grabs of different grades have different use positions, and whether there are regulations on the shape of the grab.

 Grabs have different grades, such as light, medium, heavy, etc., but we should choose the appropriate grade according to the actual situation and use requirements when using, so as to ensure that the grab has a good use effect. In addition, there is no rigid requirement for the shape of the grab bucket, which can be determined according to different usage requirements.

2. How to get the price of Grab?

When purchasing a grab bucket, its specification and model parameters should be considered to ensure that it meets the requirements. The following are the grab parameters that our company needs from you:

① Self-weight: The weight of the grab itself is generally between 10-50 tons.

② Working capacity: The maximum weight of the material that the grab can carry when it is working.

③ Opening and closing distance: Refers to the distance when the grab is opened and closed.

④ Gripping mouth width: Refers to the maximum width of the grab material.

⑤ Applicable tonnage: The tonnage range of the main engine applicable to the grab.

⑥ Oil cylinder volume: Refers to the number of oil cylinders required to start the grab.

Note: If you cannot provide the above parameters, please consult us directly, and our designers will provide you with the best solution based on the working environment you describe, the density of the material you are grabbing and other information.

Grab Bucket Double Girder Overhead Crane Case


Grab Bucket Double Girder Overhead Crane Case

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