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QDY Series Double Girder Ladle Overhead Crane

QDY Double Girder Ladle Overhead Crane

Product Type:QDY
Lifting Capacity:5t to 74t
Span: 10.5m to 31.5m 
Working Class:A7
Ambient Temperature:-20℃ to 60℃

Ladle overhead crane introduction 

QDY series double girder ladle overhead crane is a heavy lifting equipment used for 5-74t, grade A7, span from 10.5m to 31.5m, Temperature range: -20℃ ~ +60℃.

The QDY type ladle crane is designed for transporting, pouring and charging hot metal in the process of smelting liquid metal, etc.

According to the crane structure, ladle overhead crane can be divided into double-girder double-rail ladle crane, four-girder four-rail ladle crane, four-girder six-rail ladle crane. The first two categories are used for lifting medium and large ladles, while the latter is used to lift extra large ladles.

Technical data of QDY Ladle Overhead Crane

Specifications for ladle bridge cranes are shown in the table below: 

Lifting heightm6~24
Lifting speedm/min15.510.410.7/14.69.8/15.57.8/15.57.8/10.46.1/9.7
Trolley speedm/min37.243.844.644.642.439.333.8
Crane speedm/min92.7/93.792.7/93.7/86.576/8976/8989/75.375/76.667.3
Work duty
Track type
P43P43P43 or QU70P43 or QU70P43 or QU70P43 or QU80QU100

Features of double girder ladle cranes

Because of the high risk of ladle crane, its design has special safety characteristics to ensure the efficiency and safety of the crane system. The characteristics of ladle cranes are as follows:

■   Install two groups of independent action brakes on the lifting mechanism.

■   Install lower limiter, heavy hammer and rotary lifting and limiting device when hoisting height of crane is greater than 20m. 

■   overspeed protection stop device. 

■   Fault protection devices, such as, positive and negative contactor is installed to prevent dangerous in case of electricity power off.

■   Insulating layer is installed at the bottom of main girders to prevent molten steel thermal radiation to ensure the long serving life of main girders.

■   The motor protection grade IP54, using specially designed metallurgical motors, insulation grade is H grade.

■   Adopting cast steel belt pulley ensures safety and long working life. 

■   Steel core wire rope is suitable for high temperature environment with a safety factor.

■   Trolley power supply uses high temperature cable. 

■   The crane cabin is equipped with thermal insulation and air conditioning equipment. 

■   In lifting mechanisms with particularly high performance requirements, brakes are installed on the drum to prevent accidents.

Advantages of ladle cranes

■   High safety and reliability. High safety and reliability is guaranteed by advanced technology and quality products. 

■   State to art design. State-to-art design meet and go beyond international standards.

■   Cost-effective. Cost-effective crane price is realized on the base of technology innovation and unbeatable resources possessed.

■   Easy operation and maintenance. Human and safety oriented design to make the ladle overhead crane operation and maintenance easy and simple.

Use environment

The ladle bridge crane is an overhead crane specifically engineered to handle molten metal ladles in steel mills and foundries.

It is mainly used for adding molten iron to the converter from the feeding bay of the converter, lifting molten steel to the refining furnace at the refining bay or hoisting molten steel to the continuous casting rotary ladle table at the molten steel receiving bay.

Ladle overhead cranes are employed in the demanding, high-temperature environments associated with these applications.

Ladle bridge cranes come equipped with a heavy-duty hoist and trolley system capable of handling multi-ton loads, along with a specialized ladle attachment designed to hold the ladle securely.

Why are ladle bridge cranes expensive? 

First of all, reflected in the design of the crane, the operating environment of the ladle bridge crane is extremely dangerous for the operator. It must go through professional design, such as heat shields, insulation layers and other safety features, so that it can withstand the pressure brought by the high temperature and harsh environment and the lifting of a huge tonnage to the crane. Special protective materials and construction techniques add to the cost of ladle bridge cranes.

Secondly, it is reflected in its extremely high-performance motor. Ladle bridge cranes must use motors that can withstand high temperatures and harsh operating environments.

Finally, in order to ensure the safety of the operation and related workers, the crane must include emergency stop buttons, limit switches to prevent overload, and other safety features. Compared with ordinary bridge cranes, it requires higher safety performance, so The price is also more expensive.

In addition to the design, motor and its own safety performance, the operating system customization and maintenance of ladle bridge cranes also make their prices high.

Ladle bridge cranes need to be designed with various aspects in mind, hoists and vehicle systems need to be adapted to specific ladles or other equipment, especially when combined with specialized control systems and other functions.

The maintenance of ladle cranes is one of the main reasons for the increase in its overall cost. To ensure the safety of operators, regular maintenance of cranes is required, which involves regular inspections, lubrication of moving parts, and other maintenance tasks. As a crane ages, its maintenance costs increase over time and add to the overall cost of the crane.

Double girder ladle overhead crane case


Double girder Ladle Overhead Crane

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