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Services of DJCRANES

Service Commitment

Welcome to choose DJCRANES lifting equipment. Dejun Cranes is the global leader crane manufacturer which is not only responsible for the free consultation of cranes, but also provides the corresponding technical guidance and technical cooperation in engineer planning,civil engineering, equipment supervision and inspection related to lifting equipment.

Crane services of DJCRANES including crane consultation, crane project design, crane manufacturing quality control,crane installation, and crane maintenance etc.,7*24h online service  to solve your crane problems.

Pre-sales service

Professional engineers introduce international crane industry implementation standards, introduce the characteristics and general situation of Dejun cranes and hoists for customers .


Crane Consultation from DJCRANES

Conduct technical business communication through product samples, product performance, technical solutions, and dispatch of professionals. Our customers can also visit our crane production factory to learn more about us.


 Customers Visit Crane Production Factory of DJCRANES

Sale service

Professional Crane Design Team

In the technical design, we will close contact with your company, listen to your opinions and requirements, and improve the design.Dejun Cranes is willing to provide various design solutions, technical parameters and consulting matters for our customers, so that our customers can purchase cranes with advanced technology, reasonable price and reliable performance.


Crane Design Engineer Team

Quality Parts Supplier

According to your requirements, choose the matching parts manufacturers, both to meet the performance requirements, but also to facilitate future maintenance.


Quality Parts Supplier of DJCRANES

Crane Quality Control and Test

During the crane manufacturing process, we will fully cooperate with the arrangement of drawings, product supervision, inspection and acceptance.


Crane Design Drawing

During crane production, DJCRANES have professional quality test for each step: steel raw materials test, wheel/ hook/ bearing/ drum hardness test, motor/ electrics/ cables diagram test.


Crane Parts Quality Control

The test methods include Radio graphic Testing(RT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Penetration Testing (PT), Magnetic Testing(MT), Coating testing,Static testing for hardness.


Crane Parts Testing

After finished production, the cranes will be assembled and tested the capacity of 1.25*rated capacity; the test certificates will be sent to customers together with finished cranes.


Overhead Crane Testing Platform


Electric Hoist Testing Platform

 Crane Package and Shipping

DJCRANES will supply the package according to international export standard: main frame packaged by plastic woven cloth, spare parts packaged by fumigation wooden box.DJCRANES can supply kinds of cranes shipping, such as container/ bulk carriage/ LCL sea shipping, train shipping, air shipping etc.


Crane Packaging and Shipping

After-sales Service

Dejun Cranes has a well-trained, experienced,strong technical force after-sales service team. Once the product is sold, our experienced technicians will go to the site to guide the crane installation free of charge according to the date requested by customers, help the customer to adjust the crane on site, guide the load test and commissioning, and train the crane operators.

Crane Installation, Commission and Training

After cranes arrived at customer's site, DJCRANES will send professional engineers to instruct the whole installation process and will do the cables connections in person,then arrange the commission to ensure the cranes can be working smoothly at customer's site.


Crane Installation and Commission Service

DJCRANES' engineers will train the customer's workers and engineers how to operate and maintenance the cranes correctly which benefit for customer's working efficiency and save much maintenance cost.


Crane Operator Training

Crane and Hoist Parts Supply

Long-term supply of inexpensive crane and hoist accessories to meet customers requirements at any time.


Crane Parts Supply Service

Crane Inspection and Maintenance

The crane inspection and maintenance is meant to improve your equipment safety and productivity through a series of preventive inspections, routine maintenance, and corrective maintenance, and modernization service.


Crane Inspection and Maintenance Service

Crane upgrading

Dejun Cranes can also provide our customers crane upgrade service.Crane modernization is the most cost-effective way to get the current features and technologies to be applied to your aging cranes. Crane modernization service is conducted according to your requirements.

Dejun cranes and hoists fulfil your lifting requirements

Our cranes and hoists have been widely used in high-precision applications such as large power stations, ports, power plants, and paper mills.

Our cranes and hoists have been widely used in extremely harsh working environments such as petrochemicals, steel mills and chemical plants.

Our cranes and hoists have been used in the high-tech industry--aircraft manufacturing.


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