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After-sales Service of DJCRANES

Dejun Cranes can provide you with a perfect range of technically efficient services for crane installation,crane commissioning,crane training,crane inspection and crane maintenance. We provide after-sales service not only for our cranes but also for other brand cranes.  

Crane Installation&Commissioning

Dejun Cranes provides crane installation service with its expertise and experiences. We will dispatch our engineers to your site for crane installation safety and reliability if you need. Our professional engineer will make your crane into work in shortest time with lowest installation cost.


Crane Installation Service

For the overhead crane commissioning, we usually check the two points, first one is to see the electric hoist lifting & traveling and crane traveling, check whether they can work proper or not; second one is static load testing, we will test the 1.25 times load testing,then is dynamic testing,we shall test the 1.1 times load testing.


Crane Commissioning Service

After the crane installation and commissioning, we also give you a catalogue of measures for any necessary repairs, refurbishment or maintenance work that will enable your crane have further high performance.

Crane Training

Crane training of Dejun Cranes including crane operator training, crane inspector training, rigger training and mobile crane training, electrical and mechanical maintenance. We also provide on-site crane training at your facility to qualify your staff in the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of your cranes and hoists when we go to your site for crane installation. Our experienced training engineer would like to teach you professional crane knowledge and be pleased to provide you with any further information.


Crane Training Service

Crane training service can increase staff's safety awareness, get staff's skills and knowledge upgraded,lower crane safety risks, reduce maintenance costs. DJCRANE's teaching methods are advanced and up to date available, we are your trustworthy crane provider.


Crane Training on Site

Crane Inspection

Crane regular inspections are essential if you want your crane in good working condition all the time,it can reduce downtime and increase reliability. Crane regular safety inspections ensure your workers' safe and improve the security of your equipment,prevent personal injury or damage equipment caused by falling loads. Annual inspections are required by regulations.


Crane Inspection Service

Dejun Cranes offer inspection work for overhead crane, gantry crane,jib crane, hoist,winch, aerial working platform andcrane parts,hoist parts not only Dejun brand but also other brand. DJCRANES engineers evaluate risks, identify improvement opportunities and provide recommendations for your crane.

Crane Maintenance


Preventive Maintenance

Dejun Cranes can give you customized routine maintenance such as adjusting and lubricating around your production environment and crane types. And we give our ordinary crane two-year warranty,European type crane three-year warranty, half year warranty for hoist accessories. If our crane has problems during the warranty period, we will send our engineers to your site for repairing free of charge. The maintenance service includes but not limited to the following items:

■   Wire rope / hoist lubrication

■   Checking on your oil level

■   Checking on limit switches, hook catches etc.,

■   Rope inspection

■   Crane structure inspection

■   Checking on cables and long-travel conductor,

■   Wear checking on gears, brakes, wheels, etc.

Corrective Maintenance

If your crane and hoist malfunction unexpectedly,we can provide you on-call technical support for free to minimize downtime and to support your internal maintenance team. We can supply you no price surcharge crane spare parts to replace damaged or defective parts so that any malfunction is reliably resolved.

If your cranes have faults that can't solve by your maintenance team or on-call, we will send technical engineers to your site to carry out repair as quickly as possible.    


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