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QDX Series Double Girder European Bridge Crane

European Double Girder Overhead Crane

Lifting Capacity:5t to 100t
Span:10.5m to 31.5m
Lifting Height:6m to 18m
Working Class:A5, A6, A7
Ambient Temperature:-20℃ to 60℃

Double Girder European Bridge Crane Introduction

QDX series double girder European bridge crane is the latest type of bridge crane developed on the basis of traditional crane.  A new type of overhead crane with light weight, generalization, energy saving, maintenance-free and high-tech content, which is completed with imported configuration, new materials and new technology.

The double girder European bridge crane has the design superiority, can help you to reduce the factory construction initial investment, enhances the productivity, reduces the daily maintenance workload, reduces the energy consumption, obtains the higher investment return. 

QDX series double girder European bridge crane has the lifting capacity of 5 t to 80 ton and the working class is A5 and A6, and the main parameters are as follow:

The QDX series double girder European bridge crane has the lifting capacity of 5 t to 100 ton and the working class is A5 to A7, and the main parameters are as follow:

Product TypeQDX
Capacity5t to 100t
Span10.5m to 31.5m
Lifting Height/ Span6m to 18m
Working ClassA5, A6, A7
Ambient Temperature-20℃ to 60℃

Features of QDX series European bridge crane

Advanced technology and reliable performance

After many tests and improvements, new products will be developed and launched to ensure product quality and safety. Double girder European bridge crane is designed to help customers improve production efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, extend service life and maximize return on investment. 


Tight structure and modular design to optimize your investment

QDX series double girder European bridge crane is characterized by compact structure, light weight, low wheel pressure and uniform load distribution. It can greatly reduce the construction cost and heating cost, making maintenance more convenient. Compared with the traditional bridge crane, with the change of load and weight, the size of European bridge crane is reduced by 10% - 15%. The heavier the load, the smaller the allowable size of European cranes, the more investment savings and the higher the return on investment. 

European bridge crane 4

Green concept dominates innovations for saving space and energy

■   The compact crane structure maximizes the availability of workspace.

■   The durability of the crane parts and crane free you from frequent maintenance.

■   Lighter weight and lower wheel pressure result in lower energy consumption.

High safety and reliability, convenient to maintenance

The double girder European bridge crane adopts advanced technology and processing equipment, carries on the strict quality control and the inspection to ensure the product quality and the high safety.

Maintenance-free and maintainable design concept makes material handling equipment competitive with other equipment, but also easy to maintain and operate.

Customized configurations and wide selections

QDX series European bridge crane can be provided with customized configurations, with the lifting capacity ranging from 5 - 100 tons. Turning over hoist, anti-sway device, automatic positioning device, winch servicing and monitoring device, or remote diagnostic tools can be customized.

Application of European Double Girder Overhead Travelling Crane

QDX European double-girder overhead travelling crane is a commonly used large-scale lifting equipment that is widely used in various fields, such as the manufacturing industry, storage industry, port terminals, etc. In the manufacturing industry, the European double beam eot crane can be used to lift and transport a variety of large equipment and parts. In the storage industry, the European-style double-beam bridge crane can be used for loading, unloading, and stacking goods. In port terminals, European-style double-beam cranes can be used for container loading, unloading, and stacking.

In addition, the European double beam crane can also be used in the construction industry, industrial and mining enterprises, machinery manufacturing workshops, metallurgical workshops, petroleum, petrochemical, railway, civil aviation, power stations, paper making, building materials, electronics, and other industries workshop warehouses.

How do you select QDX series European double girder overhead crane? 

When you need to buy a European-style double-girder crane, choosing the equipment that suits your needs is very critical. Here are some tips to help you choose the best European double girder crane for your needs.

Load capacity of European double girder eot crane

You need to determine how much weight you need to move. According to load capacity, European double girder eot cranes can be divided into different grades. You should choose the load capacity class that best suits your needs to ensure that the lifting equipment can move goods safely and efficiently.

Working environment of European double girder eot crane

European-style double-girder overhead cranes need to work in a specific working environment. For example, if you need to use an overhead crane in a high temperature environment, you need to choose high temperature resistant crane lifting equipment. If you need to use the double girder bridge crane in a wet environment, you need to choose equipment with anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions. Therefore, when choosing a bridge crane, you need to consider the environment in which it will work.

Cargo siz of European double girder crane

You need to consider the size of the cargo you are moving. This will help determine the beam span and suspension height of the double girder overhead crane. Selecting the correct beam span and suspension height will ensure that the equipment can transport cargo safely and minimise transport time and costs should the need arise.

Drive mode of European double girder crane

European-style double-girder cranes can be driven in different ways, such as electric, manual, pneumatic, etc. Each drive method has its advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the type of drive that best suits your needs to ensure you can get the job done in the best conditions.

Control method of European double girder crane

European double girder cranes can be controlled manually or automatically. The manual control method requires the operator to manually control the equipment, while the automatic control method can automatically control the equipment through a computer programme. You should choose the control method that best suits your needs to ensure that the European style double girder overhead travelling crane can operate in optimal conditions while maximising productivity.

Safety performance of European double girder crane

Finally, you need to consider the safety features of the European double beam eot crane. The double beam eot cranes must meet national and industry standards to ensure safe performance. You should choose those with high safety features to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

In summary, there are several factors to consider when choosing a European style double girder crane that suits your needs. You should choose equipment with the best load capacity, suitable for the working environment, suitable for the size of the cargo, the best driving and control methods, and high safety performance. This will ensure that you can load, unload, and move goods in the best conditions while increasing your productivity.

FAQ on QDX European double girder cranes

1. What is the working principle of European double girder cranes? 

The working principle of the European-style double-girder crane is to use the motor to drive the lifting mechanism to lift or lower the object, and the horizontal transportation of the object is realised by moving the cart and trolley along the track. When operating, first turn on the power, set the buttons on the control panel according to the requirements, and then start the motor to make the lifting mechanism work. Through the buttons on the control panel, the lifting and horizontal transportation of objects can be controlled. In the process of work, you need to pay attention to safety matters, such as avoiding overloading and collisions.

2. What are the precautions for European-style double-girder overhead travelling cranes?

  Choose the appropriate model and specification according to your own needs and site conditions to avoid overloading or no-loading. Regularly inspect and maintain the European-style double-girder bridge crane to ensure its normal operation and safety performance. Follow the operating procedures and safety regulations to avoid accidents or damage to equipment. When using European-style double-girder cranes, pay attention to the surrounding environment and avoid collisions with other equipment or personnel.

3. Why are European double girder bridge cranes widely used?

  The European-style double girder bridge crane is based on the European lightweight and modular design concept and advanced manufacturing technology, so that the whole eot crane has a compact structure, stable operation, light weight, low height, energy savings, and consumption reduction, which greatly reduces the construction cost of the overhead crane operation plant and the crane. Reduce operating costs and improve the overall quality and operating performance of the crane. European-style double girder cranes will become the mainstream of crane development trends and market demand.

 4. What is the difference between European-style double-girder overhead cranes and ordinary double-girder overhead cranes? 

European-style double-girder overhead cranes and ordinary double-girder overhead cranes are two common types of bridge cranes, both of which are composed of two main girders, two end girders, a cart, electrical equipment, and a control system. Although they have the same basic structure, there are some notable differences between them:

 ■  Degree of design optimisation:

European-style double-girder overhead cranes adopt advanced design concepts and technologies to make them lightweight, compact, and energy-saving. 

Ordinary double-girder overhead cranes are relatively traditional and simple, without excessive design optimisation.

■  Performance parameters:

Due to the different degrees of design optimisation, there are also differences in performance parameters.

See the difference below:

Performance ParametersEuropean double girder cranesOrdinary double girder cranes
Working LevelA5-A8A3-A6
Lifting Capacity5-800 ton5-320 ton
Lifting Height6-40 meters6-18 meters
Wheel Pressure10-50 KN20-100 KN
Span10.5-31.5 meters10.5-35 meters
Space UtilizationOver 90%Below 80%
Service LifeAbout 30 yearsAbout 15 years

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European Double Girder Overhead Crane

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