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Professional Team of DJCRANES

Dejun Cranes professionalism comes from we have a professional team. Our staff members with professional ability are committed themselves to provide our customers high quality cranes and hoists and first-class crane services, that's why we can win our customers' heart.

Research and Development Engineer Team

Research and development engineer team is the core of our company.Dejun Cranes always put the product development process innovation in the first place,promote development with scientific research. We have obtained more than 300 patents of cranes which are the efforts of our research and development engineer team.

Research and Development of New Crane Products

Our R&D engineer team have expanded crane types to more than 80 varieties in seven series. While expanding the production scale of original single beam cranes and double beam cranes, we have increased research and development of new products such as container bridge cranes, large-tonnage large-span cranes and high-intelligent remote monitoring cranes. 


Crane Research and Development Engineer Team

Dejun Cranes is dedicated to specialization, lightweight, intelligent and high-end, and promote the development of product models from traditional lifting equipment to new lifting equipment, general lifting equipment to special intelligent equipment transformation.

Crane Design and Revision

Crane CAD-generated design drawing by technical engineers will be given to our customer according to our customer’s needs. If necessary, crane drawing revisions will be made on the basis of customers' requirements.


Crane CAD-generated Design

Crane Production Team of DJCRANES

Our production team who work on welding, machining, electrical, steel fabrication, painting and shipping are certified,skilled and experienced.The fabrication employees from welders to electricians are certified and professional.


Crane Welding Worker

The foundation of crane manufacturing process is the technicians who operate the crane facilities. The experienced craftsmen work skillfully on the advanced facilities who ensure our cranes' quality and output.


Crane Manufacturing Team

Sales Team

DJCRANES sales team is divided into domestic sales and foreign sales. Our sales team are very excellent.Our foreign sales are good at crane knowledge and English,familiar with foreign trade process who can provide our foreign customers better service.


Sales Team of DJCRANES

After-sales Service Team

Our after-sales service team is well-trained and experienced.Once the crane is sold, our experienced technicians will go to the site to guide the crane installation, guide the load test and commissioning, and train the crane operators.


After-sales Service Team

Also,our management team, financial management team,human resources team,purchasing team, customer service team all work hard to cooperate with our sales team and production team. All employees work together to make us stronger and stronger.


Dejun Crane Service Team

Integrate personal pursuit into the long-term development of the company. High cultural cohesion is the fundamental source of Dejun Cranes' driving force for development. The power of culture is deeply embedded in the vitality, creativity and cohesion of our company.


Confidence comes from professional. We Dejun Cranes have confidence to provide our customers professional design, high quality cranes and hoists, first-class crane services which comes from our unity and professional team. 


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