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HD Series Electric Hoist European Crane

HD European Overhead Crane

Lifting Capacity:3.2t to 16t
 Span:7.5m to 28.5m
Lifting Height:6m to 18m
Working Class:A5
Ambient Temperature:-20℃ to 40℃

Electric Hoist Crane Introduction 

HD series electric hoist European crane is our new designed crane for the low workshop and high lifting height demands. Its technology is advanced and design is based on international standard: DIN (Germany), FEM (Europe), and CE,ISO (International),and its working class is A5..

The lifting system of HD series electric hoist European crane adopts ND European electric hoist.

DJCRANE can customize HD European single girder overhead cranes according to your actual needs. The main parameters of HD series electric hoist European cranes are as follows:

Technical Data of European Overhead Crane

Lifting heightm6~186~186~186~186~18
Lifting speedm/min0.8/50.8/50.8/50.6/40.6/4
Trolley speedm/min2~202~202~202~202~20
Crane speedm/min3~303~303~303~303~30
Work duty
Track type
P24P24 P38P38P38 P43P38 P43

Applications of Electric Hoist European Crane

HD series single girder electric hoist European crane is widely used in many kinds of workshop and warehouse with low headroom,but need more lifting height. such as accessories manufacturing workshop. Glass warehouse. Power plant. Heavy materials logistic. paper making, steel manufacturing workshop and other material handling plant.

European hoist crane drawing

Advantages of Electric Hoist European Crane

■   Smaller Dead Weight

■   Compact steel structure

■   Working Performance better

■   Speed is variable with inverter

■   Working stable and safe

■   Less Maintenance

Features of Electric Hoist European Crane

■   Main girder is made by high strength I beam,light dead weight and lower height

■   End carriages are welded with rectangular tubes.

■   Main girder and End carriages assembled with bolts and nuts easily and fast.

■   Hoist can is low headroom model,the hook can be lifting higher.

■   Electrics used Schneider brand original from France.

■   Motor,reducer,brake three in one with best brand,such as SEW,ABM,ABB,Siemens etc

■   Control can be pendant control,wireless remote control and cabin control from TELECRANE.

■   Safety devices included,such as buffer,limit switch,overload limiter,voltage and current protection equipment etc

■   Working class A5 and meet European FEM,DIN standard.

European and Traditional Crane Comparison

Due to the designing concepts, HD type single girder electric hoist European crane has the features of small dimension, light dead weight, minimum limiting distance from hook to wall, lower headroom and higher lifting height, etc. Comparing with traditional overhead crane, European style single gird overhead crane has the advantage in the following ways:

■   Firstly, European overhead crane could provide more effective working space than traditional crane does.

■   Also, European overhead crane requires smaller workplace and has more functions. Thirdly, the wheel pressure of European crane is much smaller than the traditional one because of light dead weight.  

■   Lastly and most importantly, European crane could save a substantial amount of money, spent on initial construction investment, long term heating fee, air conditioning and other maintenance fee.

All in all, European style single girder overhead crane is a good choice for your material handling.

Maintenance points of European single girder overhead crane:

1. The appearance should be kept clean, free of dust, and regularly inspected for cracks. 

2. Check and adjust the brake wheel clearance to make it even, sensitive and reliable.

3. Check whether the reducer is leaking oil. When there is abnormal sound in the box, open the box cover for inspection. It is usually caused by bearing damage, excessive gear meshing clearance and severe wear of the tooth surface.

4. Check whether the wire ropes, hooks and pulleys on the electric hoist are safe and reliable, and if the wear exceeds the specified value, they should be replaced.

Precautions for operation of European-style electric hoist single-girder bridge crane:

1. European-style electric hoist single-girder bridge crane should be tested with no load before lifting cargo. It should be checked that the wire rope, hook, limiter, rope guide and electrical parts of the European-style wire rope electric hoist should be in good condition, and the grounding device should be normal.

2. When operating the European-style electric hoist single-girder overhead crane, no one can stand under the hook, and the operator should avoid and prevent non-operating personnel from entering the working area.

3. Operators should concentrate on operating in close cooperation with their partners, and do not be distracted to do other things that are not related to the operation, so as to ensure safe lifting of the cargo.

4. European-style electric hoist single-girder bridge cranes are prohibited from overloading when lifting cargo, and operators are prohibited from placing their hands between the wire rope and the cargo to prevent collisions when the cargo rises.

5. The European single-girder overhead crane should be well lubricated during use, especially the steel wire rope must be lubricated regularly, and the lubricating oil should be kept clean and should not contain dust and dirt. It is forbidden to lubricate the wire rope by hand.

6. It is necessary to regularly check, repair and maintain the European-style electric hoist bridge crane to keep it in a normal state, especially pay attention to the wear degree of the European-style electric hoist wire rope, and replace it immediately if the wire rope is broken.

Troubleshooting solution of European single girder bridge crane with electric hoist:

European single girder overhead crane is an important light and small lifting equipment, widely used in the industrial field. It is inevitable that the European-style electric hoist single-girder bridge crane will fail during use. So how should we solve it when a fault occurs? The following is a brief introduction to some common faults:

1. When the pneumatic torque of the electric hoist of the European-style single-girder bridge crane is proportional to the square value of the voltage, the acceleration torque cannot overcome the load torque and cannot reach the speed required for operation, which is caused by the low voltage of the power grid. So, the grid voltage should be increased appropriately.

2. Generally, the electric motor power matched by the electric hoist of European single-girder bridge crane is reasonable, and the lifting weight cannot be overloaded. If the European-style single-girder electric hoist cannot rotate, remove the load first. If the motor function starts normally, indicating that the gearbox and other transmission mechanism is faulty, the dragged mechanism should be checked to find out the fault.

3. Check whether the power fuse of the European-style single-beam electric hoist is blown. When the power fuse is broken in one phase, start the European-style single-beam electric hoist motor with a single phase. If the starting torque is 0, and the motor does not rotate, then replace enough of the corrode to do so.

Electric Hoist European Overhead Crane


European Single Girder Overhead Crane

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