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DJCRANES' Factory is located in Changnao industrial park in Changyuan,Henan Provine which is the place of "China Crane Hometown", covering an area of over 680,000m2Dejun Cranes is committed to build a world-class crane digital factory, to improve and popularize our crane products with intelligent, energy-saving, lightweight so as to promote our crane products to reach the world-class level. 


Dejun Cranes

Crane Manufacturing Workshop of DJCRANES

DJCRANES has state-of-the-art crane manufacturing workshop which can manufacture high quality overhead crane,gantry crane,jib crane,electric hoist and crane parts.


Crane Manufacturing Workshop


Constant Temperature Workshop of DJCRANES

Crane Production Facilities of DJCRANES

DJCRANES has 2000 sets of advanced processing and testing equipment,which enable the company to independently complete more than 20 high-standard processes in the production of cranes.

Annually, DJCRANES produces and sales over 4,000 sets double girder gantry crane,more than 45,000 sets single girder overhead cranes, about 46,000 sets electric hoists and accessories,which makes DJCRANES one of the leading role players in the crane industry in terms of per-capita output value and economic benefit. 


Crane Single Girder Production Line


Crane End Carriage Production Line


Fixed Beam Gantry Mobile CNC Machining Center

Crane Intelligent Production Line of DJCRANES

Dejun Cranes invested 120 million RMB to build an intelligent finishing workshop, and to use a complete digital management system, Siemens CNC system,high-precision detection system, robot automatic feeding and other cutting-edge equipment.In addition, the company has also introduced advanced equipment like soldering robot so as to realize production by intelligent production line and develop itself into an internationally advanced digital factory for crane manufacturing.


Six-axis articulated robot, mainly used for automatic gear processing production line

Crane Main Beam Internal Joint Robot Welding Line

This welding line can weld the company's standard products from 10.5m to 22.5m in various specifications. The welding range includes one-time bottom, side and slats.


Fully automatic unmanned single beam crane main beam internal joint robot welding line


Fully automatic unmanned single beam crane main beam internal joint robot welding line

Why do we have to install automatic unmanned robot assembly line?

1/ Because of production

We have innovated the crane production process and built several intelligent production lines for cranes based on lean production. The daily output of single-girder cranes has reached 140 units, but it still cannot meet the needs of customers.

2/ Because of quality

As our main product, crane quality is our top priority. Our main beam has been formed once. Forging the wheel has become our standard. We will work hard on the welding quality.Therefore, we have installed a series of welding robots, including the current single beam crane main beam internal joint robot welding line.


Crane Girder Intelligent Welding Line

Workers Team of DJCRANES

DJCRANES achievements are made by our workers. Our workers who work on welding, machining, electrical, steel fabrication, painting and shipping are certified,skilled and experienced. The fabrication employees from welders to electricians are certified and professional,our company also organize new workers take part in various training to develop the professional skills.


Crane Fabrication Workers of DJCRANES

The foundation of crane manufacturing process is the technicians who operate the facilities. The experienced craftsmen work skillfully on the advanced facilities who ensure our cranes' quality and output.


Crane Facility Operator of DJCRANES


“People-oriented"always our corporate values,our employees are our greatest wealth. Dejun Cranes,together with our employees, hope we would make contributions to your business development. 


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