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QC Series Double Girder Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

QC Double Girder Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

Lifting Capacity:5t to 32t
Span:10.5m to 31.5m
Lifting Height:6m to 18m
Working Class:A5, A6
Ambient Temperature:-20℃ to 60℃

Electromagnetic Overhead Crane Introduction

QC series double girder electromagnetic overhead crane is a loading and unloading equipment. It is equipped with removable electromagnetic chuck and corresponding operating system for handling and lifting metal objects. The lifting capacity of an electromagnetic overhead crane includes an electromagnetic weight of 5- 32 tons. The working categories of electromagnetic bridge crane are A5 and A6. The magnetic holding time is 10- 30 minutes.

Technical data of Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

The specific parameters of the electromagnetic overhead crane are shown in the following table:

Technical Parameter of QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane
Lifting heightm6~18
Lifting speedm/min15.513.3139.79.57.8
Trolley speedm/min37.245.944.644.642.438.5
Crane speedm/min115.6115.6112.5112.5101.486.8
Work duty
Track type
P43P43P43 or QU70P43 or QU70QU70 or  90*90QU80 or  100*100

Components of Electromagnetic overhead crane

Electromagnetic overhead crane is mainly composed of crane bridge, hoisting trolley, crane traveling mechanism, crane cab, electrical system, electromagnetic system, including electromagnetic chuck, rectification control equipment, cable connector, etc. 


Electromagnetic Double Girder Overhead Crane

Application of electromagnetic overhead crane

Electromagnetic overhead crane can be used to handle and transport indoor and outdoor metal products and materials, such as ingot, structural steel, iron, scrap, steel, etc.

Advantages of electromagnetic overhead crane

■   New style, compact structure, delicate appearance

■   Good usability and durable quality

■   High loading capacity and working class

■   High safety and reliability

■   Light dead weight, lower wheel load and low noise

■   Low power consumption and few faults  

■   Wide application and competitive price

Features of electromagnetic overhead crane


All compression structural part of crane’s components is made of high quality materials confirming with the regulations and standards, whose inspection report can be provided when required.


The welding of steel structures will be strictly checked and inspected by specialist and the inspection reports also can be provided on requirement.

Magnetic chuck

The magnetic chuck has huge magnetic force which can be used to lift and transport wide range of metal products and can handle large volume of metals at a time.


Top brand motors are installed with good performance and with Class F insulation and IP54 protective class.

Electric system

PLC control to all the mechanism and any speed requirement can be achieved.

Control system

Cabin with joystick panel, wireless control and pendant control can be your choices.


3 layers of painting is painted to protect the steel from rusting.


To ensure the safety of cranes and operations take various protective measures. Overloading limits, height limits, track terminal limits are used to protect mechanical systems and short circuit protection, phase loss protection, low voltage protection, power failure protection, and over current protection to protect power systems.

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Double Girder Overhead Crane with Magnetic Chuck

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