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Automatic Double-girder Crane Main Beam Internal Joint Robot Welding Station Is Here!

Double-girder crane main beam internal joint robot welding workstation is mainly used to realize the automatic welding of the inner joint of the double girder crane main beam. After the vertical alignment of the manual feeding, the workpiece is ±90° inverted by the L-arm hydraulic turning machine, and the robot automatically seeks the welding.

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Steel Plant Overhead Crane Finished and Delivery for Saudi Arabia Customer

Our Saudi Arabia clients purchased three sets double girder overhead cranes( QD15+15T-22M QC15T-20.88M QDY50/15T-22M)from Dejun Cranes that already completed production and packaging and ready to delivery to port.

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Dejun Crane Smart Industry Park Project Base Is In Full Swing

Henan Dejun Intelligent Industrial Park is the largest intelligent workshop in the Asian lifting industry. The 160,000-square-meter project currently under construction. After this crane intelligent manufacturing workshop project is fully operational, it will provide strong support for the development of crane smart manufacturing.

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More than 100 robotic employees are on the job for single girder overhead crane

On the basis of the original intelligent assembly line, DJCRANES has been equipped with more than 100 sets of internal seam welding intelligent robots, which will greatly improve the welding quality and work efficiency of the single girder overhead cranes.

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15 Ton Open Electric Winch Trolley for Sale to Saudi Arabia

Customized 15 ton open electric winch trolley was finished by Dejun Cranes for Saudi Arabia customer, this 15 ton open electric winch trolley was used in double girder electromagnetic overhead crane to lift iron and steel products. Dejun Cranes can provide you different tonnage electric winch trolley and we can customized electric winch trolley according to your working condition.

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Dejun Cranes Attened the 16th ITIF Asia Overview

​During 20th to 22th March 2019, we Dejun Cranes attended the 16th ITIF Asia in Pakistan. In Pakistan Karachi International Convention and Exhibition Center, we got a face to face opportunity with local clients, and gave our customers design and technical support according to our customers' requirements.

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DJCRANES Will Attend the 16th ITIF Asia from 20th to 22th March

DJCRANES will attend the 16th ITIF Asia from 20th to 22th March 2019, address: Pakistan Karachi International Convention and Exhibition Center, during Which there will be huge discount for all of our cranes and hoists.

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Saudi Arabia Customer Visiting DJCRANES For Steel Plant Overhead Crane Project

On 10th January 2019, Mr Khalid, Mr Reda along with Mr Mohamed from one of Saudi Arabia steel plant visited our factory for three sets Steel Plant Overhead Crane, which is used for lifting steel ladle, scrap charging and hot billets.

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