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Dejun Crane Smart Industry Park Project Base Is In Full Swing

Henan Dejun Intelligent Industrial Park is the largest intelligent workshop in the Asian lifting industry. The 160,000-square-meter project currently under construction. After this crane intelligent manufacturing workshop project is fully operational, it will provide strong support for the development of crane smart manufacturing.


Henan Dejun Intelligent Industrial Park

The construction of Intelligent Industrial Park started on February 12, 2019. Within three months, the main steel structure of the workshop has been completed, the wall panel installation completed 20%, the ground hardening completed 60%, and the roof panel installation completed 80%, the office building auxiliary building completes the foundation cushion pouring and the two-layer frame.


 Crane Workshop in Intelligent Industrial Park


Intelligent Industrial Park Ground Hardening


Intelligent Industrial Park Workshop Wall Panel Installation

Through five years of construction, the Crane Intelligent Industrial Park plans to cultivate new economic growth points for science and technology innovation, and build a domestic first-class and international leading brand industry with influential and leading role in lifting industry!

When this Intelligent Industrial Park finished, the production efficiency of overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, electric hoist will improve a lot. If you have need about crane and hoist, please contact us freely.