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Five Factors that Affect Gantry Crane Design

The gantry crane uses its own feet to support it, rather than using beams or other fixtures in the facility. Indoorgantry cranes may only have one or more main beams, and multiple main beam models are more suitable for heavy work. There are four main styles of gantry cranes, each of which is suitable for specific applications:

The whole gantry cranes.The full gantry crane is the most popular model, and its two legs run along a track. The track is usually embedded in the work surface, so trucks, forklifts and other vehicles can easily pass through it.

Semi gantry cranes.This gantry crane has only one leg. The other side of the crane runs along the track on the wall to save space. Both full gantry cranes and half gantry cranes are common in heavy manufacturing applications.

Portable gantry cranes.These cranes are fixed on wheels and can be moved throughout the facility and conveniently stored. The portable gantry crane has a simple structure, so workers can easily maintain or modify it.

Adjustable gantry cranes.Another light option, the adjustable crane allows the span or height of the crane to be adjusted to carry different types of loads. These cranes are often used in warehouses and manufacturing environments of different heights.


The main factors affecting the design of gantry crane

It is important to choose a crane suitable for the job. Depending on your application, you may need to customize the gantry crane design. This can ensure that the crane meets its expected working conditions and can fully meet the working load. The following factors affect the design of gantry cranes:

Cantilever and Span Length

When determining the length of the cantilever and span, first consider the size of the working area and the size and weight of the maximum load. This is the starting point of the gantry crane design. Determine how big the crane needs to be and how much weight it must support or lift reliably.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

The working environment of the crane will determine the selection of materials, motors and electrical appliances. Consider extreme temperatures, weather exposure, and harsh working conditions to help guide the selection of the correct materials and manufacturing processes.


Gantry cranes are versatile, cost-effective and easy to maintain, but they can move loads slowly. If you need a higher operating speed, you may need to consider using other types of cranes. Gantry cranes moving loads at too fast speed may cause accidents or damage to equipment.

Power Output

Cable is the most common way of power supply. It is installed on the C-shaped steel to provide power to the operating mechanism. The power supply line of the portable gantry crane is relatively long, or the simple gantry crane can be placed close to the power source.


Common applications and uses of gantry cranes

Gantry cranes can be used indoors and outdoors. Due to their particularity, they can be used in a series of applications such as open yards, warehouses, ports, granite industry, cement pipeline industry, open storage yard, container yard, shipyard, freight yard or wharf, etc. very useful. Dragon, however, is prohibited from handling flammable molten metal or explosive objects. Portal cranes have versatility and reliability when lifting large and heavy parts, raw materials and heavy finished products.

Gantry Crane Design Standards

Like other heavy equipment, the gantry design is based on specific standards for functionality and safety. These standards cover design, manufacturing, material selection, and even painting.

The design of gantry cranes must follow the principles of the Crane Safety Association and comply with all regulations to ensure that your workplace meets the specifications and ensure the safety of employees. All gantry cranes manufactured or sold by Dejun comply with the requirements of these organizations. Before shipping to customers Previously, we conducted factory tests on all gantry cranes.

Through the above detailed introduction, I believe you have a general understanding of gantry cranes. You can contact us if you have any questions or needs. Dejun will design a gantry crane that fully meets your requirements according to your requirements and actual working conditions.