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30+30 Ton Intelligent Steel Plate Stacker for Steel Industry

Henan Dejun Industrial Co.,Ltd designed and manufactured 30+30 ton intelligent steel plate stacker for our customer to solve their steel plate stacking problem.

Intelligent Steel Plate Stacking Machine Design and Manufacture 

Our customer factory produces 8 million tons of steel plates per year, and a single coil project department produces about 1.3 million tons of steel plates per year. The number of slabs currently used is limited, which seriously affects the classification and hoisting, and can not meet the production requirements. The situation that the steel plate is blocked in the roller table is very serious. There is also a traditional way of collecting plates, which is to slide the finished steel plate on the roller table, which is prone to surface scratching and seriously affects product quality.


30+30 Ton Intelligent Steel Plate Stacker 

According to the special requirements of our customers, Dejun Crane dispatched technical engineers to conduct on-the-spot investigation and independently developed a 30+30T intelligent steel plate stacker. The stacker has a large lifting capacity and adopts highly integrated automatic control. The whole machine has a self-weight of more than 600 tons. It runs smoothly and has a scientific design. It effectively solves the problems existing in the customer's production site and guarantees the steel rolling production line of Iron and Steel Group fully started. The stacker broke the the monopoly of foreign crane manufacturers on crane technology in this field.


30+30 Ton Intelligent Steel Plate Stacker 

Intelligent Steel Plate Stacker Advantages

The intelligent steel plate stacker has been used for two months, effectively alleviating their production pressure, releasing their production capacity and increasing production efficiency by at least 3 times!


30+30 Ton Intelligent Steel Plate Stacker for Steel Factory

Intelligent manufacturing is an objective trend in the development of manufacturing industry in the world today. The major industrialized countries in the world are vigorously promoting and applying it. The development of intelligent manufacturing not only meets the inherent requirements of China's manufacturing industry, but also is an inevitable choice to reshape the new advantages of China's manufacturing industry and achieve transformation and upgrading. In the future, Dejun Crane will continue to innovate and innovate as always, and make more efforts for China to go abroad and go global.

DJCRANES continually carry out technological innovations, develop new products,and improve the technological content of products to meet the need of the market demand for higher-grade lifting equipment. And Dejun Crane has capacity to design and manufacture crane and hoist according to your special requirements. Therefore, if your factory has special lifting needs, please don't hesitate to contact us for solving your problem.