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Rope Hoists Use Wire Rope for 2 Ton Hoist

ELectric rope hoists is essential to every industry, whether it be aerospace, construction, automotive, or food & beverage.

By use of electric,manual or air operation, hoists can move heavy loads vertically using a drum or lift-wheel. Of these hoists, The wire rope is mainly used as load-bearing parts. How to select the wire rope of 2-ton hoist? First of all, it is necessary to understand the classification of the following wire ropes:

1. The contact surface can be divided into: point contact wire rope, line contact wire rope and surface contact wire rope;

wire rope.jpg

wire rope

2. from usage can be divided into: general purpose wire rope and important purpose wire rope.

2 ton hoist.jpg

2 ton hoist

Most of the wire ropes used for lifting and reusing are wire contact wire ropes and wire ropes for important purposes. The common structures are 6*19S, 6*19W, 6*36ws, 6*26ws, 6*29fi and 6*25fi. Under the same diameter and strength, the 6*19 series wire rope emphasizes wear resistance, while the 6*37 series wire rope focuses on flexibility. Therefore, you should pay attention to the diameter of pulley and drum, and select the structure, strength and core (hemp core and steel core) of the wire rope. At the same time, the groove diameter of pulley and drum and the diameter of wire rope should be determined. At present, 2T electric hoist adopts the selection of two ropes, and the wire rope diameter of 11mm can meet the requirements.

Rope Hoists Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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