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5Ton Overhead Crane On Sale with Best Quality

As top three crane maunfacturer, best quality always is our first consideration. As we all know, best quality is the only reason for the survival of world-renowned enterprises. Since 1980 years, DEJUN supply customized design based on customer’s actual and various demand. Such as, 5 ton overhead crane, 10 ton overhead crane, 20 ton overhead crane and 40 ton overhead crane which is more popular used in clien’s warehouse. Among the cranes exported to other more than 150+ countries, the best-selling are 5 ton overhead crane which are widly used in steel factory, station wharf, warehouse, construction site, cement product field, factory, stock yard, etc. Otherwise, due to 5 ton overhead crane’s various type, design standard, use environment, stepless speed and quantities, same lifitng capacity 5 ton overhead crane price is also different.

Various type of 5 ton overhead crane

1. Based on the beam of EOT crane, the overhead crane can be single girder overhead crane and double girder overhead crane.


LD type single girder overhead crane


LX type suspension overhead crane


LH double girder overhead crane with hoist trolley


QD double girder overhead crane with winch trolley

2. Based on the design standard and stepless speed, the overhead crane can be europan stype 5 ton overhead crane or traditional type 5 ton overhead crane.


European single beam overhead crane


Europeann double beam overhead crane

3. Based on use environmnet, the 5ton overhead crane can be 5 ton Ladle overhead crane, 5 ton electromagnet overhead crane, 5 ton grab overhead crane.


Ladle overhead crane


electromagnet overhead crane


grab overhead crane

Control mode of 5 ton overhead crane

1. Cabin control

The operator's cabin is an important part to ensure the safe operation of the operator during the overhead crane working process, which can improve the working efficiency. The working environment temperature of the operator's cab is -20~40℃, and a fully enclosed sandwich structure should be adopted. The front and side sides of the operator's cab and the bottom are provided with windows to ensure that the operator has a good field of vision. Observe the loading and unloading operations on the sides, sides and bottom. And ensure sound insulation, dustproof and heat preservation. A safe passage is provided between the operator's cab and the main beam, so that the operator can climb onto the main beam safely, and it is convenient to enter the up and down passage of the crane. In addition, the operator's cab should have vibration isolation and buffering devices to prevent vibration and shaking of the operator when the crane is working.


Cabin control

2. Wireless remote control



Wireless remote control

3. Pendant control


Pendant control

Pendant control for the 5 ton overhead crane is standard product, if need cabin control and wireless remote control, please make a remark on the inquiry.

Quantities of 5 ton overhead crane

DEJUN as crane manufacturer, internationl market is our long-term goal.

Among our customers, there are a large number of dealers and some end customers. As per the cooperation and quantities of cranes required, DEJUN definitely supply best price based on best quality. As we've always insisted, best quality is always our first consideration.

Warranty of 5 ton overhead crane

In china crane industry, normally crane supplier just supply 12 months’s warranty period. To show confidence in our crane quality, we supply 24 months warranty. And all the crane parts ware fabricated by ourselves. So we can make sure the quality and delivery time. During the warranty, any quetions of quality problems, we definitely will deliver the spare parts in the first time based on DEJUN's stock.

With the surging economy and One Belt& One Road Initiative, DEJUN belive in government to government, it will give more support to trade between the two countries. In each year DEJUN also will visit client in local, do installation and after-sales service. If you want to know more information of 5 ton overhead crane and 5 ton overhead crane price, please tell us freely.