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LX Series Single Girder Suspension Overhead Crane

LX Single Girder Suspension Overhead Crane

Lifting Capacity:0.5t to 10t
 Span:3m to 31.5m
Lifting Height:6m to 18m
Working Class:A3 to A5
Ambient Temperature:-20℃ to 60℃

Single girder suspension overhead crane introduction

LX series Single girder suspension overhead crane are designed according to international standards. It is a light material handling equipment, single beam running on the suspended track, usually equipped with CD or MD electric hoist.

The single-girder suspension crane has a lifting capacity of 1-10 tons, a span of 3-15 m, a running speed of 20 m/min and 30 m/min.

It can be customized according to service conditions and user requirements.

Technical data of LX Underslung Overhead Crane

Lifting heightm6~186~186~186~186~18
Lifting speedm/min0.8/80.8/80.8/80.8/80.7/7
Hoist speedm/min2020202020
Crane speedm/min2020202020


Basic Structure of Single girder suspension crane

LX series single girder suspension crane is composed of main girder, crossbeam, electric hoist, electrical components, lifting equipment and so on.

LX series single girder suspension crane drawing

The main girder (bridge frame) is divided into two types. The main girder of the product with small tonnage and small span is composed of section steel (I-beam, channel steel) and adopts a structure without beams.

The main girder of large-tonnage and long-span products is a box-shaped solid-web girder welded by rolling steel plates into open U-shaped grooves and I-beams.

The electric hoist can lift heavy objects and run longitudinally on the main beam. For its specific structure and characteristics, please refer to the relevant electric hoist manual.

Application of single girder suspension crane

Single girder suspension crane is suitable for lifting, loading, unloading and transporting heavy objects between fixed spans in factories, mines, power stations, warehouses and workshops, such as mechanical assembly, warehouses, caves, etc. Working level is A3, and working environment temperature is -25℃~+40℃.

Single girder suspension crane is usually used in the working environment, there is no flammable, explosive or corrosive substances or media. If the working environment temperature exceeds the above range or has special requirements, please consult us for non-standard design.

Main features of single girder suspension crane

■   One type of main girder is consisted of I-beam and channel, used for lifting small tonnage loads and the other type is consisted of U shaped steel and I- beam, used for large tonnage loads.

■   All the hoist and crane movements are independent and can be run simultaneously.

■   Electric hoist mobile power supply is constituted by flat cables or special cables.

■   The electric hoist can be selected according to your requirements.

■   Ground control method: pendant and remote control.

Advantages of single girder suspension crane

■   High safety and reliability

■   Tight structure and good rigidity

■   Flexible operation and low maintenance

■   Low noise and no pollution

■   Wide selection and application

■   Smoothing moving, effectively braking and long service life.

■   High quality and cost-effective crane price.

Precautions of single girder suspension crane

■ Each crane must be marked with a rated lifting capacity in a conspicuous place.

■ During work, no one is allowed on the bridge or transported by hooks.

■ Cranes are not allowed to drive without an operating license or after drinking.

■ Concentration is required during operation, and talking, smoking or doing irrelevant things are not allowed.

■ The vehicle should be clean; no misplacement of equipment, tools, flammables, explosives and dangerous goods is allowed.

■ Cranes are not allowed to be overloaded.

■ Lifting is not allowed under the following conditions: loose binding; overloaded parts; unknown signal; cable pull; objects buried or frozen in the ground; people on the object being lifted; flammables, explosives and dangerous goods without protective measures; overfilled liquid objects; wire ropes that do not meet the requirements for protective use; the lifting mechanism is faulty.

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LX Underslung Overhead Crane

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