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The jib crane is a machine that horizontally moves heavy goods. It is widely used as the main construction machine for industrial and civil construction projects. Such as floor mounted jib cranes, wall mounted jib cranes and wall traveling jib cranes, Different jib cranes have different characteristics. Each type may vary in degrees of rotation, purpose, mounting-style, beam type, and overall dimensions.Choose the right jib crane according to your needs.


The first and most common type of jib crane is floor mounted jib crane.As a newly developed material handling equipment, the jib crane can be used freely in three-dimensional space. The jib crane adopts special structural design, high safety, high reliability and high efficiency, which can save your time. The jib crane is easy operation and maintenance, flexible rotation, economical and durable.Floor mounted jib crane can lift and move loads up to 15 tons.Its arm is capable to rotate along with the central axis within a 360-circle or a limited arc and also can enter hard-to-reach areas.Generally, the jib crane is used for indoor lifting applications, such as workshops, warehouses or docks, for loading, lifting, carrying and unloading different materials.

These types of jib cranes have to extra support to ensure they are upright and stabilized. They may will often have some type of base or foundation which helps make them more stable. The size of the foundation will likely be based on the body weight of the loads the crane will probably be lifting. The foundation needs to be finished before installation, and the design drawing and construction drawings will be sent to the customer after the jib crane is ready.


Floor mounted jib crane



Foundation of floor mounted jib crane


The wall-mounted jib crane provides 270 degrees of rotation for the circular coverage area. The rated lifting capacity can be 5 tons, and the itself-weight is light. However, it is not like floor mounted cranes that need to build foundation before installation. The wall-mounted jib cranes does not require floor space,Saves floor space, economical and durable, suitable for lifting goods over short distances.  The wire rope hoist and chain hoist both suitable of wall mounted jib crane.

When installing, you need to drill holes on the column of the workshop according to the corresponding drawings in advance; fix the cantilever with the upper and lower support plates with fixing bolts, measure the exact installation position with a level, and then tighten the rotating nut clockwise.

Wall-mounted jib cranes are an excellent material handling solution for busy factories, as they completely maximize space utilization and provide easy installation for individual workstations.


wall mounted jib crane


Wall traveling jib cranes can move materials laterally without taking up floor space or disturbing large bridge cranes. It travels along rails installed on walls or other supporting structures on elevated rails in a multilevel assembly shop. It can make full use of workshop space, save more manufacturing space, and operate flexibly. According to the different main beams, wall traveling jib cranes can be divided into two types, single beam uses electric hoist, double beam  uses wire rope trolley. The size of the mobile track can be designed according to user requirements.The lifting tonnage ranges from several hundred kilograms to 10 tons.


Wall traveling jib crane

Different working conditions are suitable for different jib cranes. Choose the jib cranes that suits you according to the actual situation of your factory. If you do know how to choose right jib cranes, contact us at once, we will make the design drawing of jib crane to fully meet your needs.