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BB Type Wall Travelling Jib Crane of DJCRANES

BB Type Wall Travelling Jib Crane

Lifting Capacity:0.5t to 10t
Span:3m to 10m
Lifting Height:3m to 8m
Working Class:A3
Ambient Temperature:-20℃ to 40℃

BB type wall travelling jib crane introduction

BB type wall travelling jib crane is a kind of cost effective crane, which travels along the wall or other supporting structure of the elevated track installed in the multi-storey assembly workshop, and makes full use of the workspace. Wall-mounted jib crane can provide long lateral movement of materials and lift objects vertically by lifting equipment. 

BB Type Wall Traveling Jib Crane Main Parameters

TypeRated capacity(t)L(mm)R1(mm)R2(mm)

BB Wall Travelling Jib Crane Application

BB type wall travelling jib crane is the best solution for material handling, which is used in machinery manufacturing and assembly and other workshops. It can also be used as a supplement to the bridge crane system, and the material handling can be effectively carried out. BB type wall travelling jib crane provides a good solution for handling materials at work stations. 

Advantages of BB Type Wall Travelling Jib Crane

■   Enlarge transport range. It can carry loads of three direction, which enlarge transport range and extend the use of plant space.

■   Space and money saving. For it scientific structure, it helps to save space. Besides, it occupies less room contributing to money saving.

■   High efficiency. It is suitable for short distance and frequent task, so that is helps improve efficiency.

■   Cheap and safe. Ellsen gives you good price and high quality manufacture.

■   Ideal solution for low ceiling plant and factory. Meet your requirement of narrow and limited space.

■   High quality steel. Ellsen uses high quality steel of all jib cranes. Which ensures you gain trouble free service for many years.

Features of Wall Travelling Jib Crane

■   Wall travelling jib crane provide transversal transport of long materials without taking up ground space or disturbing performance of large overhead cranes 

■   Wall travelling jib cranes can be lined up to handle materials in work stations and the length of crane runways is without limitation.

■   The most-effective material handling equipment for handling smaller lifts.

■   Handle or remote control operation on ground is provided which is easy, accurate, quick and efficient.

■   Customized material handling solution is available which can fully meet your requirements and application conditions.

■   Double block button is installed and the protection class is up to IP5.

■   The services life of wall travelling jib crane can high up to 500 thousand times.

BB Wall Travelling Jib Crane Gallery


BB Wall Travelling Jib Crane in Warehouse

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