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Fixed Type Wire Rope Electric Hoist For Materials Lifting

Wire rope electric hoist is often used for vertical lifting. Henan Dejun fixed double-outlet wire rope electric hoist can be used for horizontal traction. The rope can be customized at any angle according to actual needs. This electric hoist is highly customizable and practical. It is commonly used for lifting doors of hangar doors, industrial plants, warehouses and other places.


CD / MD type fixed double-outlet wire rope electric hoist-one-way outlet

About Customized Fixed Type Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Fixed Type Electric Wire Rope Hoist Fixed Methods

The fixed type electric wire rope hoist, also known as the seated electric hoist, can be fixed and suspended. The fixed methods are: upper fixed, lower fixed and side fixed.

Customizable Fixed Type Electric Wire Rope Hoist 

The customized double-outlet wire rope electric hoist is a non-standard product. In order to reduce the manufacturing cost and facilitate the use and maintenance, it is necessary to reduce the changes to the shaped products as much as possible under the actual operating conditions. This is the basic principle of non-standard product design.

Fixed Type Electric Wire Rope Hoist Design Principle

The fixed type electric wire rope hoist design principle: improve the drum and drum shell on the basis of CD1 electric hoist, add a rope guide and a wire rope, change the winding method of the wire rope on the drum, and achieve the purpose of horizontal unidirectional and bidirectional horizontal traction , to meet the buyer's use requirements.


CD / MD type fixed double-outlet wire rope electric hoist-one-way outlet

Fixed Type Electric Wire Rope Hoist Testing

The fixed type electric wire rope hoist use test: the actual use shows that the improved electric hoist works normally, and the empty rope groove made when one wire rope is wound out is just for another wire rope to be wound in, effectively using the original length of the reel, The equipment has a compact structure and stable operation, and can meet the lifting and landing operations of horizontal doors that require heavy traction.

Fixed Type Electric Wire Rope Hoist After-sales Service

The fixed type electric wire rope hoist after-sales service: quality assurance, non-standard customization! 1 year warranty, timely delivery! Regular invoices and good service! The factory is qualified for idling test and provides free technical support, drawings and other services.


CD / MD type fixed double-outlet wire rope electric hoist-two-way outlet

Henan Dejun specializes in manufacturing electric hoist for 30 years. It has rich R & D experience, mature technology, third-party SGS (General Standard) in-depth verification manufacturers, original factory, OEM contract manufacturing, strong manufacturers, export quality, and complete qualifications. Our electric hoist has an annual output of more than 20,000 units, which is sold at home and abroad! Recommended by more than 800 companies, we have good service, fast delivery, old brands and reliable.

Wire Rope Electric Hoist Wearing Parts

The components of the electric hoist are: wire rope, drum, hook, rope guide, electric traveling trolley, motor, reducer, electric control box, button switch, etc. The wearing parts of the wire rope electric hoist should be replaced regularly to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.


Electric Wire Rope Hoist Wearing Parts

Wire Rope and Hook

As an important load handling device for wire rope electric hoist, if it is normally worn or overloaded, the wear degree of the wire rope and hook should be checked regularly and scrapped and replaced in time.

Electric Control Box and Button Switch

The control box controls the entire line of the electric hoist. When it encounters water or leaks during work, it will actively close the circuit. Protective measures should be taken for outdoor use.

Rope Guide

The rope guide allows the wire rope to be wound in an orderly manner according to the thread on the drum to avoid cross-groove and overlapping winding. It is easy to wear and belongs to wearing parts. During use, the cable puller and improper installation will cause damage to the rope guide, and it will not play the role of the rope. In this case, stop using it immediately and replace it with a new rope guide.

Note: Please choose matching products to replace wearing parts to avoid damage caused by mismatched models.

Hoist Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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