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The indispensable lifting tool- Crane pulley

The lifting pulley is an important lifting tool for lifting heavy objects vertically through sprockets or reels. The lifting pulley has a simple and compact structure, light weight, and is easy to use. The lifting pulley has a simple and compact structure, light weight, and is easy to use. It can change the direction of the traction cable of the pulley and the pulley group and lift or move the operating object many times, especially the pulley group composed of pulley. it is combined with a hoist, mast or other Heavy machinery and lifting pulleys are widely used in construction and installation operations. The product specifications are from 0.03 to 320 tons, the wheel system is from single wheel to ten wheels, and the crane has four kinds of hooks, chain links, rings, and hanging beams for users to choose.  It is easy to use, has a wide range of uses, and can be manual or electromotive. Mainly used in factories, mines, agriculture, electricity, construction and other production construction, wharf, dock, warehouse machine installation, cargo lifting and so on.


According to the different carrying tonnages, the crane pulley can be divided into hook type crane pulley, hanger type crane pulley, chain ring type crane pulley and hanger type crane pulley. The pulley is divided into single-wheel pulley, double-wheel pulley and multi-wheel pulley according to the number of wheels. According to the connection method of the pulley and the hanging object, it can be divided into four types: hook pulley, chain pulley, ring pulley and hanger pulley.

Generally small and medium-sized pulleys mostly belong to the hook type, chain ring type and hoisting ring type, while large type pulleys use hoisting ring type and hoisting beam type. According to the different contact of the wheel and the shaft, it can be divided into wheel shaft inter-mounted sliding bearing and rolling bearing two kinds.


According to whether the splint can be opened to divide, there are open pulley and closed pulley. The splint of the open pulley can be opened to facilitate the installation of ropes which is easy to load rope, generally is a single-wheel pulley, it is often used as a guide pulley to pick the bottom foot of the rod .

According to different ways of use, the pulley is divided into fixed pulley and moving pulley. A lifting pulley can only change the direction of the force, and it can not save effort; but the pulley block set composed of two pulleys can achieve the purpose of saving effort on the basis of changing the direction of departure. When carrying on the lifting transportation operation, the single wheel pulley can be used as the guide pulley, and the pulley group can be used for lifting with a winch.

The ball and roller bearing core of the lifting pulley are national standard bearings, two for each pulley, different specifications can be adopted according to the lifting tonnage, the standard bearing is suitable for high speed, maintenance-free.

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