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What is the difference between wire rope hoist and chain hoist

Improving production is always the top priority. This is your job as an operations manager or manufacturing engineer. You may know the type of lifting equipment needed to complete this work, but before buying, let us explain in detail the electric chain crane and wire rope hoist and when to use them. They are both very good hoist, which can meet your various operation needs.

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Application and environment

When choosing a hoist, lifting goods and the operating environment are key factors. For example, in a metal processing plant or a prefabricated beam production plant, heavy goods need to be moved frequently, which requires high-power, rugged wire rope hoist. The working environment of the hoist determines the type of hoist.If the hoist used in acidic, humid or explosive gas environment needs special customization.

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Duty Rating and Capacity

Different countries have different design standards for the rated lifting capacity of the hoist. The rated lifting capacity of the hoist is also different and can be designed according to different working conditions and lifting capacity. The lifting weight is only one of the considerations for the rated lifting weight. The most important thing is that the rated lifting weight can meet the lifting weight of heavy objects. It is unsafe if the weight of the thing being lifted is higher than the rated lifting height. This is not only unsafe for your employees, it may also damage the equipment, and you will also bear the additional cost of replacement, repair, failure and maintenance. The capacity alone cannot determine the use of a chain hoist or wire rope hoist.

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The budget

Budget is always a key factor in considering which hoist to use. The purpose of any hoist purchase is to better serve production to achieve efficient purposes. Electric chain hoists are generally easier to install than wire ropes due to their light weight and small size,especially in light-weight applications,and their cost is also lower than wire rope hoists. The rated lifting capacity of wire rope hoist can be very large, and it is usually used to lift heavy equipment. It is unwise to make purchase decisions based on budget alone. The ultimate goal is to find good quality with competitive price equipment.

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Why choose chain hoist

Generally, the chain hoist is a good choice for lifting lighter cargo. The hoist is light in weight and small in size, suitable for various types of lifting operations, and easy for operators to understand and use. In the assembly line and other material handling areas, the chain hoist is the best choice. They provide true vertical lifting force and the left and right limit distances are wider than wire ropes. The chain hoist can reduce maintenance and repair costs, and can be used in a variety of environments.

Why choose wire rope hoist

The electric wire rope hoist can lift a heavy object of about 100 tons. This is a good choice when you need a high lifting height and precise positioning. If the goods needs to be lifted for a long time, you can choose the wire rope hoist. When you need heavy hoist, wire rope hoist can lift the load to meet your operation needs.

No matter what type of gourd you need, it is always important to choose the right equipment to get the job done. Chain hoist is a good equipment for handling light loads and can even replace the current manual material handling process. Wire rope hoist is a kind of lifting machinery which can withstand the maximum load and can lift the heavy goods effectively.When selecting lifting equipment, be sure to consider all factors and evaluate with experts to select equipment suitable for safe lifting.