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How To Choose Suitable Electric Hoist

Electric hoist is a kind of special lifting equipment, which is installed on bridge crane, gantry crane or cantilever crane. Electric hoist has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, simple operation and convenient use, which is usually used in industrial and mining enterprises, storage terminals and other places.

Brief Introduction Of Electric Hoist

The lifting capacity standard of electric hoist is 0.3-32 tons, and the lifting height is 3-30 meters. It consists of motor, transmission device, roller or sprocket. We can custom produce non-standard electric hoist according to the actual demand.

Application of electric hoist

Electric hoist can be installed on single beam I-beam, overhead crane, gantry crane and jib crane.

How to choose suitable electric hoist according to working conditions

1. Define your needs

1. Place of use: we should know this clearly first, because the electric hoist used in some special places will also be different, such as the position is not high enough, is it super low electric hoist? Does it contain inflammable and explosive materials, or explosion-proof electric hoist?

2. capacity of hoist

3. Lifting height: the distance from the ground to the highest lifting center of the hook.

4. Running trolley: to walk left and right, it needs to include running trolley; or as long as it is fixed in a place to load and unload goods, it can be unnecessary to use running trolley.

5. Lifting speed: one speed or two speeds.

6. Power supply:___v ___hz ___p,Electric hoists with single-phase voltage are usually mini hoists with a capacity of less than 1 ton.

2. Type of electric hoist

There are two types of electric hoist: electric wire rope hoist and electric chain hoist. Different electric hoists are selected according to different places. In some specific places, the structure cannot be changed; or the workplace contains special and necessary production materials; therefore, only in the later stage of equipment selection and installation, the actual work needs can be met as much as possible, so the selection of electric hoists must be considered.


electric wire rope hoist and electric chain hoist

Electric Hoist Offering Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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