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What are the hoisting types in the installation of industrial equipment

In the equipment installation engineering, hoisting is a very important work, how to effectively complete hoisting directly affects the safety quality and speed of the whole project. So, what are the lifting methods?

1. Tower crane hoisting machinery

The hoisting capacity of the tower crane is 3-100t, and the arm length is 40-80m. It is usually used in the fixed place of use and the long service period, which is more economical. Generally, it is single machine operation, or double machine lifting.

2. Overhead crane and gantry crane hoisting equipment

The lifting capacity of the crane is 3-1000t, the span is 3-150m, and it is easy to use. Most of them are used in workshops and warehouses. Generally, they can be lifted by single crane or double crane.

3. Truck crane hoisting

The hydraulic telescopic boom truck crane, the lifting capacity is 8-550t and the boom length is 27-120m;

Steel structure boom truck crane, with lifting capacity of 70-250t and boom length of 27-145m, flexible and flexible. Generally, they can be lifted by single crane or double crane.

4. Crawler crane hoisting

The maximum lifting capacity of crawler can reach 4000 tons。The arm length can reach hundreds of meters. The medium and small weight can be lifted and walked. It is flexible, easy to use, long service cycle and economical. they can be lifted by single crane or double crane.

5. Helicopter hoisting

The hoisting capacity is 26t, which can not be completed by other hoisting machinery, such as mountain area, high altitude, etc.

6. Mast system hoisting

It is usually composed of mast, cable wind rope system, lifting system, towbar system, traction sliding tail system, etc.

The mast includes single mast, double mast, herringbone mast, gate mast and well mast;

The hoisting system includes winch pulley system, hydraulic hoisting system and hydraulic jacking system;

There are lifting technologies such as single mast and double mast sliding lifting method, turning (single turning, double turning) method and no anchor point pushing method.

7. Cable hoisting machinery

It is used in other occasions where the hoisting method is inconvenient or uneconomical, where the hoisting weight is not large and the span and height are large, such as bridge construction and TV tower top equipment hoisting.

8. Hydraulic lifting method

At present, the method of "steel strand suspension bearing, hydraulic lifting jack cluster, computer control synchronization" is widely used, mainly including pull-up (or lifting) and climbing (or jacking) methods。

9. Using the method of structure hoisting

Use the building structure as the lifting point (the building structure must be checked and approved by the design), and realize the lifting or moving of the equipment through the hoist, pulley block and other lifting appliances.

10. Ramp lifting method

Lift the equipment to the foundation and put it in place by erecting the ramp and using the hoist, pulley block and other lifting tools.


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