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How to choose the suitable crane slide wire?

With the application of overhead crane more and more widely, users pay more and more attention to the safety and performance of power supply. The previous bridge crane used bare angle iron and copper row crane slide wire, although this power supply method can be used, but the performance and safety are not ideal. At present, there are the following kinds of safe crane slide wire used in the market: Jointless busbar,  Multi stage slide busbar and Single stage slide busbar

1, Jointless busbar

The jointless busbar of bridge crane adopts oxygen free copper to transport power supply, which has the advantages in follow:

■ Good conductivity

■ Good contact

■ Sturdy and durable

■ Convenient installation, replacement and transportation

The unsewn copper core is closely combined with the plastic shell, which eliminates the poor contact caused by vibration. Compared with the traditional power supply mode, it is more safe. Because of safety, convenience, high performance-to-price ratio, it is loved by many users. 

2. Multi stage slide busbar

Generally, the length of each Multi stage slide busbar is 4m, and it can not be bent. The advantages are:

■ Good conductivity

■ High safety factor

■ Good waterproof effect

However, due to the hard plastic shell, it is easy to be damaged in transportation and installation; the installation process is complex; and the multi stage slide busbar cost is more expensive than jointless slide wire, so it is not widely used.

3.Single stage slide busbar

Single stage slide busbar is usually used for cranes with large tonnage or long running length, which is composed of guide rail, collector, isolator, sheath, hanger, connector, fixing clamp, end cover, thermal compensation device, etc. Its advantages are as follows:

■ Good contact performance of sliding wire

■ Stable and reliable.

■ Able to withstand large short-circuit impulse current in harsh environment

■ High mechanical strength, not easy to bend

■ Large heat dissipation area and long service life.

Crane slide wire

Most of the faults of crane slide wire are caused by poor contact, which is caused by insufficient spring elasticity of collector or incorrect installation. In order to better maintaining for the slide wire, the wear resistance and brush chamfer of the collector can be increased, the pressure of the collector spring can be enhanced, and the smooth and smooth operation of the collector can be ensured.


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