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What are the main features of the hoist overload limiter and the crane overload limiter?

The overload limiter measures the weight of the load through the weight sensor, and the instrument displays the actual load in real time. When the load reaches the set value of its rated load, it will send out a sound light alarm signal and can disconnect the power supply. The whole system is composed of sensor, connecting cable and microcomputer host. In the application of crane, there are mainly hoist overload limit and crane overload limit.

BCQ Model Hoist Overload Limiter

BCQ weight hoist overload limiter is specially applied to electric hoists with wire rope of all kinds of specifications. The device has such functions as audible alarm,immediate alarm, cutting off the lifting motor circuit, and dislpaying heavy weights etc. which can avoid accidents of the crane equipment and person from overload. So it has a significant effect on modern safety production of metallurgy, machinery, mine, iron, dock and warehouse etc.It mainly consists of the sensor (attached electric box),pinch device,dislpay instrument.The structure is simple; security is high; installation is convenient.

■   Application: 1~32t electric hoist

■   Sensor type: wire rope side pressure

■   Overload capacity: 1.5 times rated load

■   Monitoring accuracy: dislpay error≤3%, action error≤±3%,composition error≤5%

■   Alarm point set: delay alarm starting point for 105% of rated lifting capacity; immediate alarm starting point for 120% of rated lifting capacity

■   Main function: audible and visual alarm, controlling lifting

■   Control output form: one group of normoally closed contactor; capacity: 5A

■   Power: 380V 50Hz

■   Working environment: -20℃~60℃、≤90%RH



■   The device is a traditional connection structure, and is applied to all kinds of CD electric hoist, MD electric hoists.

■   It consists of sensor, control box and display box.

■   It has the humanized functions as zero tracking, a key to clear, simple calibration, self inspect and failure indication etc.

QCX Model Crane Overload Limiter

QCX crane overload limiter consists of the sensor, computing amplifier, controlling actuator and load indicator etc. And it sets display, control and alarm at a suit.When the crane lift articles, the sensor deformation makes load weight transform into electric signal which is amplified through computing, and then indicates load value. When load reaches 90% of rated value, warning signal issues; when load exceeds the rated, power source of lifting mechanism is cut off.

QCX crane overload limiter takes force from lifting mechanism of the crane, feedbacks to the instrument to collect, contrast, read and judge, and then displays current weight and indicates the corresponding condition. When the load exceeds the rated value, lifting circuit of crane hook will be cut off immediately to make the crane not lift so that this can protect crane and operator from being injured. QCX crane overload limiter is widely applied into various types of bridge cranes and lifts.



■   It is widely used with all kinds of bridge cranes and gantry cranes.

■   Single sensor inputs and single group of relay contactor outputs.

■   Artificial circuit adjusts built-in potentiometer to set zero and demarcate.

Complete, Scientific and Advanced Inspection Method

DJCRANES has a sound product quality assurance system, a complete quality inspection organization and quality inspection personnel, and equipped with various corresponding quality inspection instruments.

For example, laboratory for testing materials, X-ray flaw detector and ultrasonic flaw detector and weld inspection ruler for testing weld material, Brinell hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, portable hardness tester for testing hardness,level gauge for checking the degree of crown on the bridge and the level difference of the wheel, Gear comprehensive performance tester for checking gear machining accuracy and electric hoists and cranes testing platform for testing overall performance of crane and hoist.

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