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Application And Classification Of Grab Crane

Grab crane is a lifting machine equipped with grab. It is widely used for loading bulk cargo, logs, minerals, coal, sand, stone and earthwork in port, wharf, station freight yard, mine and so on.

According to the type of crane, it can be divided into: overhead grab crane, gantry grab crane, Folding Arm Grab Crane, etc.

1. Overhead Grab Crane

The Overhead Grab Crane is used for lifting bulk and granular materials. The grab crane unloads coal, ore, phosphate and other bulk goods from the cargo tank into the hopper, and then unloads them to the storage yard or loading and unloading terminal through the conveyor belt. The conventional configuration of the bridge type grab crane is: controlled by the cab, the driver's cab is closed independently, and each mechanism adopts winding type lifting motor and resistance speed regulation. The lifting equipment grab Working level of the bridge crane: A6, a7, working environment 20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃. This model is not recommended for working environment with explosion-proof and insulation requirements.

Overhead grab crane can be used for other configurations

1.The opening and closing directions of grab are parallel and vertical;

2. The lifting capacity of grab crane includes grab weight;

3. When the lifting trolley of grab crane is equipped with rain cover, the limit size of the top surface is H+h;

4. When the crane is used outdoors, the total amount and the maximum wheel pressure shall be increased by 5%

5. The power supply of grab crane is available in angle steel and safety sliding wire;

6.Grab crane has standard lifting trolley and lifting trolley with scale for selection

7, according to needs can be equipped with sugar cane grab, garbage grab, wood grab and other types of grippers.

8, grab is divided into: single rope grab, double rope grab, electric grab, target set grab.


2.Gantry Grab Crane

The gantry grab crane is mainly used in the outdoor fixed freight yard for the transportation of mines, coal, wood, etc. the single beam grab crane and the double beam grab crane mainly refer to the bridge crane, which are divided into the single beam grab crane and the double beam grab crane according to the number of beams. It has the same function as the overhead grab crane.


gantry grab crane & overhead grab crane

3.Folding Arm Grab Crane

The folding arm grab crane is divided into log crane and sugarcane crane according to the loading and unloading objects. However, with the development of science, China has developed a multi-functional grab crane.


folding arm grab crane

According to the type of grab can be divided into: shell grab crane, multi-flap grab crane.

1.Shell Grab Crane

Shell Grab Crane is suitable for loading various bulk goods, minerals, coal, sand, gravel materials, earth rock, etc. in ports, docks, stations, mines, etc. it can also be used for earth rock excavation, foundation pit excavation, road construction, railway laying, etc.

2.Multi-flap grab crane

Multi-flap grab crane is suitable for steel scraping and refining, bulk scrap in scrap treatment yard and construction site, scrap refining, loading and unloading, transportation, automobile dismantling, refining, recovery, replacement, long-life automobile recycling yard of high hardness wear-resistant steel; valve shell can be selected according to different working environment: fully closed valve disc, semi closed valve disc, wide valve disc and narrow valve disc, main wood grab It is used for grabbing and loading and unloading various specifications of logs, timber, pipes, drums and other items. It can be grabbed by single grab or multiple grab, and can also be used with tower crane, gantry crane and other cranes. Bale grab is a kind of material handling equipment specially developed for straw power plant, which is suitable for the unloading of wood yard and wharf. It is mainly used for unloading, stacking and feeding straw bales, with high working level, meeting the needs of the working environment of the straw warehouse in the power plant, being humid, dusty, frequently used and uninterrupted.

According to the driving mode, it can be divided into hydraulic grab crane and mechanical grab crane

1.Hydraulic Grab Crane

The hydraulic grab has an opening and closing structure and is generally driven by a hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic grab composed of multiple jaws is also called hydraulic claw, which is widely used in hydraulic equipment.

2.Mechanical grab crane

Mechanical grab has no opening and closing structure, usually driven by external force of rope or connecting rod. According to the operation characteristics, it can be divided into dual rope grabs and single rope grabs. The most common is the double rope grab. The double rope grab is wound on the support mechanism and the opening and closing mechanism by the support rope and the opening and closing rope respectively. The double rope grab has reliable operation, convenient operation, high productivity and wide application. After using two groups of double ropes, the working process of the four rope grab is the same as that of the double rope grab. The single rope grab adopts the same rope for the support rope and the opening and closing rope. The steel wire rope is used for slewing bearing and opening and closing by special locking device. The winding mechanism of single rope grab is simple, but its productivity is low, which is rarely used in a large number of loading and unloading operations.

Grab Bucket.jpg

Grab Bucket

Precautions for handling grab crane? Do not operate if one of the following conditions occurs

1.Overloading or unloading when the weight of the object is unknown

2.Do not pause when the signal is unclear

3.Strapping, hanging, or imbalance may cause the crane to hang when it slips

4.Do not hang when hoisting or floating

5.The structure or components have defects that affect the safety work or damage, such as failure of brake or safety device, damage of hook nut structure device, damage of steel wire rope that fails to meet the scrapping standard, etc

6.When the buried objects are unclear, they shall not be hung

7.Do not hang when lifting heavy objects

8.The working site is dark, and the site, hanging objects and command signals are not visible

9.When the bound wire rope is untied, the corner of the heavy object is not lifted

10.No suspension during the external packaging of molten steel (molten iron).

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