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Troubleshooting& Precautions of Pneumatic Hoist in Use

Pneumatic hoist is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal mine, textile, storage, home appliance production line, automobile manufacturing production line, ship repair and other industries. It is an essential equipment for enterprises to work safely, improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Working Environment Requirements of Pneumatic Hoist

1. Please use it under proper air pressure. The air pressure of the pneumatic hoist is 6kgf / cm2

2. Pneumatic hoist shall not use compressed gas outside the airs,  There is a risk of explosion, If oxygen, hydrogen, acetylene, LPG and other combustible gases are used.

3. Please connect the air hose to the pneumatic hoist with the air pipe connector, and confirm that the connection is in good condition.

Trouble Shooting of Pneumatic Hoist

1. Stall of the pneumatic hoist in use: one is that the air source may be unstable; the other is that the brake system may have problems.

2. The rising and falling of the pneumatic hoist is not flexible: generally, the problem is the control handle of the pneumatic hoist, which can be replaced separately

3. Blockage may occur: it is possible that the compressed gas is not air

As long as the correct use of pneumatic hoist, comply with the relevant regulations, in general, there will be no problem in use.

Application of pneumatic hoist.jpg

Application of pneumatic hoist

Precautions for Use of Pneumatic Hoist

1. Please fix the workpiece firmly when using.

2. Keep hands and rags away from rotating parts.

3. It is necessary to avoid unconsciously starting the pneumatic hoist at will.

4. It is absolutely forbidden to change tools.

5. Do not remove parts for use.

6. Check the points of the pneumatic hoist before use.

7. If any abnormality is found in the use process, it shall be promptly entrusted for inspection and repair.

8. During maintenance, inspection and replacement, the air supply must be stopped and the air hose shall be separated from the pneumatic hoist.

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