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Air Hoist | Pneumatic Hoist | Air Chain Hoist of DJCRANES

Air Chain Hoist | Pneumatic Chain Hoist

Lifting Capacity:0.125t to 50t
Lifting Height:3m to 20m
Lifting Speed:3.5m/min to 8m/min
Working Pressure:0.6Mpa
Air Consumption:1m3/min to 4.7m3/min

Pneumatic hoist generates power by only a certain amount of compressed air, which is different from traditional electric hoist. It's a low energy consumption and high efficiency hoist. The compressed air does not generate sparks and explosion proof, making the air chain hoist of choice in hazardous areas where with chemical powder, inflammable or volatilizable material. The load range ranges from 250 kg to 30 tons depending on the model.

Air Hoist (Pneumatic Hoist) Classification

Pneumatic hoist classification: fixed type air chain hoist, trolley type air chain hoist,ultra-low pneumatic hoist (low clearance pneumatic hoist), explosion proof pneumatic hoist, mine pneumatic hoist. Pneumatic hoist can cooperate with explosion-proof hand trolley or pneumatic trolley to form mobile pneumatic lifting tools.According to the driving classification, there are three kinds of pneumatic hoists: blade type pneumatic hoists, piston type pneumatic hoists and cylinder type pneumatic hoists.


Air Chain Hoist Types

Air Hoist (Pneumatic Hoist) Chain Selection

 At present, the air chain hoist is more common, and there are wire rope pneumatic hoist and ball chain pneumatic hoist. Compared with these three types air hoist , the air chain hoist is more durable and more practical and popular.

Air Hoist (Pneumatic Hoist) Advantages

■   Suitable for complex and dangerous environments

■   Smooth operation, low impact, and can be loaded

■   Stepless speed regulation, accurate positioning

■   Overload protection, gas break protection

■   Brake brake is safe and reliable

■   Low failure rate and long service life

Air Hoist (Pneumatic Hoist) Application

Because the pneumatic hoist has good explosion-proof performance, it is widely used in chemical, textile, painting, logistics, dock, mining and other flammable, explosive, high temperature, high dust, corrosive workplaces.


Air Hoist Used in Auto Industry

Because of its high frequency and infinitely variable speed characteristics, it is favored by the automobile, tractor, motor, refrigerator and other manufacturing industries as well as the logistics industry with large output and continuous operation.


Air Hoist Used in Chemical Industry

In particular, some industrially developed countries have clearly stipulated that pneumatic hoists must be mandatory in the case of inflammable and explosive places such as petroleum, chemical, automobile and mining.

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