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Requirements of Design and Application for Metallurgical Bridge Crane

Metallurgical bridge crane is mainly used for smelting ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Compared with the general bridge crane, it has the characteristics of frequent use, bad environment and high automation requirements. Metallurgical bridge crane mainly includes single beam metallurgical bridge crane( YH Metallurgical Electric Hoist ) and double beam metallurgical bridge crane. For single beam metallurgical bridge crane and double beam metallurgical bridge crane under 75 tons, the following requirements of design and application shall be met:



hoisting system of metallurgical bridge crane

1. The environmental temperature of metallurgical bridge cranes is higher than that of the general environment. Therefore, all H Motors should be selected for all motors.

2. All metallurgical bridge cranes must be equipped with lifting limiter with reliable alarm and restriction functions.

3, The hoisting mechanism of the double beam metallurgical bridge crane must be equipped with two sets of independent brake, each set of brake shall at least guarantee to complete a working cycle when another set of brake fails.

4, High temperature resistant steel wire rope with metal core shall be selected for the steel wire rope, and the safety factor shall match the working level.

5, The pulley of metallurgical bridge crane shall be of rolling type, and cast iron pulley is prohibited.

6, For the single beam metallurgical bridge crane with electric hoist as lifting mechanism, the maximum lifting capacity shall not exceed 10 tons, and it shall have the function of heat insulation protection.

7, The metallurgical bridge crane shall be equipped with double limiters at different rising limit positions, and different circuit breakers shall be controlled.

8, The lifting mechanism should have a positive and negative contactor fault protection function to prevent the motor power failure and the brake is still in power and then lead to stall occurred.

9, All electrical components of metallurgical bridge crane shall be high temperature resistant products, and cables shall also be high temperature resistant cables. The protection level of electric control cabinet shall meet relevant standards.

10, As far as metallurgical bridge cranes are concerned, the remote control and other operation modes away from the heat source should be chosen as far as possible. Otherwise, the safe passageway of the operator must be set up to ensure the safety of the personnel.


metallurgical bridge crane

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