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YH Type Metallurgical Electric Hoist of DJCRANES

YH Type Metallurgical Electric Hoist

Product Type:YH
Lifting Capacity:0.5-100t
Lifting Height3-130m
Lifting Speed0.4/1.2 —2.4/11.8m/min

Working Class:

Ambient temperature: -20-40C

Metallurgical electric hoist is a metallurgical wire rope electric hoist specially used for lifting molten metal or other high temperature solid objects. It can be used with single girder overhead crane, suspension overhead crane, double beam overhead crane, etc. It can also be installed independently on fixed overhead track. It is a safe and reliable small and light special lifting equipment for small and medium metallurgical workplaces.

Technical Data of Metallurgy Electric Hoist

Lifting height(m)6/9/12/18/24/306/9/12/18/24/306/9/12/18/24/306/9/12/18/24/306/9/12/18/24/30
Lifting speed(m/min)88887
Travelling speed(m/min)20
Wire rope diameter(mm)7.4111315.515.5
Work classM6
Work Voltage380V,50HZ,3Phase or as your demands

Application of YH Metallurgical Electric Hoist

Metallurgical electric hoist is a device for the upgrading and treatment of the molten metal in the metallurgical industry. It can also be used for special environments or areas, such as fire, explosion, corrosive media environment, etc.

Components of YH Metallurgical Electric Hoist

Metallurgical electric hoist is mainly composed of lifting mechanism, walking mechanism, electric control system and braking system. It has double braking, double spacing, thermal insulation board and other protective devices.

Drawing of YH metallurgical electric hoist of DJCRANES

Drawing of YH metallurgical electric hoist of DJCRANES

Features of YH Metallurgical Electric Hoist

Double Spacing Protection

Metallurgical electric hoist lifting mechanism with double limit protection, fire limit protection and out of control limit protection. The hooks will take effect when the hooks reach the safety limit, and the latter will disable the total contact to protect the hoist. 

Dual Brake Protection

Metallurgical electric hoists operate in dangerous conditions and are therefore equipped with double brakes to ensure safety. 

High Temperature Protection

Metallurgical electric hoist can effectively avoid direct thermal radiation and insulation protection, maintaining wire rope or cable from damage caused by high temperature. And core wire ropes and cables are made of high-temperature resistant steel cores. 

Operation Mode

Remote control and ground control ensure the safety of hoist operators and hoist. 

Safety Devices

Install all kinds of safety devices to ensure metallurgical electric hoist, such as double limit protection, double brake protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection, no voltage protection, electrical interlock protection, etc.

Metallurgical Electric Hoist Used in Overhead Crane


Metallurgical Electric Hoist Used in Overhead Crane

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