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How To Do Well The Daily Inspection And Maintenance Of The Electric Overhead Single Beam Crane

Electric overhead single beam crane is widely used, such as steel structure factory, machinery factory, mold factory, etc. The following measures can extend the service life of electric overhead single beam crane.
1、Check the electric overhead single beam crane’s temperature of the shell and bearing parts, motor noise, abnormal vibration and so on.
2、When the electric overhead single beam crane starts frequently, the ventilation and cooling capacity will be reduced due to the low rotating speed, and the current will be larger. The temperature rise of the motor will increase very quickly. We should pay attention to the temperature rise of the motor can not exceed the upper limit specified in the instruction manual, and adjust the brake according to the requirements of the electric machine's instruction manual.

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electric overhead single beam crane

3、When the electric overhead single beam crane is used infrequently and in good sealing condition and use environment, the lubricating oil in the reducer box of the crane needs to be replaced once every half a year. When the use environment is bad, it needs to be replaced once every quarter. If it is found that the water in the box or the oil surface is always frothy and that the oil has deteriorated, the oil must be changed immediately. When replacing the oil, it should be strictly replaced according to the oil product specified in the operating instructions of the gearbox, so we must avoid the mixed use of the oil.
4、The daily maintenance of the reducer can refer to the operation manual for maintenance, and the foundation bolts of the reducer shall be checked frequently, and the connection shall not be loose.
5、Maintenance skills of lifting system of electric overhead single beam crane: check the oil window of reducer frequently, check whether the oil level of lubricating oil is within the specified range, and supplement lubricating oil in time if it is lower than the specified oil level.
6、The bearing blocks at both ends of the drum shall be filled with grease every two days. The surface of the drum and the steel wire rope shall be coated with grease according to the situation. (the rolling bearings of the fixed and moving pulley blocks need to be supplemented with lubricating grease once a month!
The daily inspection and maintenance of the electric overhead single beam crane is very important, which is closely related to the safety of crane operators and the service life of the crane. Therefore, in order to prevent safety accidents and extend the service life of the equipment, please do a good job in daily inspection.

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maintenance of single beam crane

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