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Technical operation rules for gantry cranes

■ 1. The operation of the Gantry Cranes can only be carried out by the qualified personnel with the equipment operation certificate. The operator must strictly abide by the relevant safety, succession and other systems.

■ 2. Oil injection should be carried out in strict accordance with lubrication regulations before gantry cranes work, and proper oil quantity should be kept, the oil road should be smooth, the oil standard (window) should be eye-catching, and the oil cup should be clean.

■ 3. Check all transmission devices of gantry cranes, control mechanisms, trolley and crane wheels, reels, hooks, pulleys, Shaft shafts, wire ropes, etc., for wear and tear, crane tracks and their sides, and forbid parking of any objects within-meters. Check whether the roadbed and track of the overweight machine are good after the rain.  

■ 4. Check whether the gantry cranes' signal bell, signal lamp and lighting equipment are perfect, test lifting height and running limit switch, and whether each brake is sensitive and reliable.

■ 5. When the gantry cranes’ hook is placed at the lowest position, the wire rope should be left at least two laps on the reel. When the wire rope is worn and corroded more than 40% of the diameter of the surface steel wire, the wire rope is burned and flattened and deformed, the number of broken wire roots is more than 5% in a twist distance, and the use of interwound steel wire should be prohibited when the number of broken wire roots is more than 5% and that of the interwound steel wire is 10%.

■ 6. When the gantry crane works, the driver is under the command of only one person. Drivers and controllers should have obvious gesture signals or sound signals. The driver should echo the sound signal before implementing it. If there is danger or crane failure, no matter who the parking signal comes from, stop immediately.

■ 7. The gantry cranes first lifting should first try to lift the heavy object from the ground 200 mm, do the brake test and confirm that the hoisting is good before working. In the process of moving, the lifting weight is more than 0.5 meters higher than all the objects on the way.

■ 8. The lifting, starting and stopping of gantry cranes should be slow, and sudden change of direction in operation should be prohibited. When the trolley travelling and crane travelling near the end, the slowest speed should be applied. It is prohibited to use a limiter as a means of stopping operation.

■ 9. In the event of a power outage, a large number of voltage drops or equipment failure, when the legs of both sides of the crane do not shift synchronously, all controllers should be moved to zero and the power switch should be turned off immediately. If the heavy object is in the hanging position, measures should be taken to make the heavy object land slowly.

■ 10. Do not pull heavy objects or work pieces buried in sand or other objects.

■ 11. The distance between the two cranes on the same track must be above 3 meters.

■ 12. The gantry cranes’ wire rope shall be checked regularly and shall be greased once every 15 days. The oil dirt and sundries on the steel wire rope shall be removed before oiling, and the lubricating oil shall be heated to about 60 ℃ so as to cause the lubricating oil to fall into the gap of the strand.

After the gantry crane work, the hook should be raised, the trolley should be parked at one end of the driverundefineds room, and the crane should be parked at the designated place, and the track should be locked with the gripper. Check, clean the equipment, do a good job of daily maintenance, put each operation handle (switch) in neutral (zero position), open the power switch, lock the cab, achieve neat, clean, safe.


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