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Main Structure of Light Lifting Machinery

Light lifting machinery has the characteristics of compact structure, lightness, safety and reliability, universal parts, strong interchangeability, high lifting capacity, convenient maintenance, etc. it is a widely used and popular light lifting equipment. The structure of light and small lifting machinery mainly consists of the following structures:

1、Lifting Mechanism

The hoisting mechanism is the most basic working mechanism in the whole structure of the equipment. This part is mostly composed of the hoisting system and the winch, and it also lifts the heavy objects through the hydraulic system.

2、Operating Mechanism

General light lifting machinery consists of four parts, one is motor, one is reducer, the other is brake, and the last is wheel. The four parts need to be well connected with each other, so that they can be used more smoothly and conveniently.

Light lifting machinery 1.jpg

3、Luffing Mechanism

The light lifting equipment with luffing system can greatly reduce energy consumption, and can be carried out smoothly and reliably in the operation process.

4、Slewing Mechanism

The driving device drives the rotating part of the light lifting machinery to rotate, and the slewing bearing is the device, so that the rotating part of the crane can support the non rotating part.

Light lifting machinery.jpg

5、Metal structure

It is the framework of light lifting machinery, and some lifting opportunities use section steel as the support beam. No matter what kind of metal is used, the strength, stability and rigidity shall be guaranteed so that the metal structure will not be damaged.

Light Lifting Machinery Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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