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Characteristics Of European Standard Single Beam Crane

The European standard single beam crane combines the unique scientific and technological concept at present, and has many incomparable effects with other equipment. It is light in weight and small in volume. Compared with the traditional crane, its hook is closer to the ground, and its rising height will be higher. It effectively increases the effective space of the factory building, makes the use of the production room space in the enterprise more reasonable, and its function will be better. The characteristics of European standard single beam crane are as follows:


1. Low space utilization

The use of European standard single beam crane lifting opportunities to make full use of the workshop space is the hook and wall. The distance will be smaller, so that the layout of the workshop will be more reasonable.

2. Light weight of European standard single beam crane

It adopts the most advanced technology in China, so the self weight is far superior to the previous cranes, and it will save more effective space.

3. Simplified operation equipment of European standard single beam crane

It uses a variety of scientific and technological principles of artificial synthesis, develops a lot of manpower, saves a lot of time, and improves the safety factor a lot. What's more advanced is that some hoisting equipment has a display, which can effectively control and operate safely and reliably. Now some enterprises are equipped with wireless remote control device to control the crane, so as to provide guarantee for the single beam crane in European standard under the hard environment.

4. Efficiency improvement after frequency change of crane

Through the use of advanced technology, the stability of the single beam crane of European standard has been improved a lot, the large swing of suspended objects has been avoided as much as possible, the safety factor has been improved, and the positioning accuracy of transferred objects has been more accurate. This kind of crane is mainly for many horizontal cranes with high accuracy.

5. Low maintenance cost of European standard single beam crane

It should adopt the green environmental protection technology in today's society, so that the power consumption of the crane will be very low in the use process, and because of the good quality and low power consumption, it can reduce the loss caused by the breakdown of the machine and equipment to the greatest extent, and also reduce a lot of unnecessary maintenance costs.

European Standard Single Beam Crane Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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