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Design points of windproof device for outdoor crane

Gantry Crane, quayside crane, portal crane, tower crane and other large-scale equipment generally work in the open air, with large windward area and large wind load. In order to prevent being blown or overturned by strong wind, these equipment must be equipped with reliable anti wind and anti sliding devices. Due to the improper design or action failure of the anti wind and anti slide device, the outdoor crane is driven by the strong wind, and there are many accidents of being blocked and overturned at the end of the track. This paper introduces the structural characteristics of various anti wind and anti slide devices that can be selected:

gantry crane windproof device

1. When calculating the anti wind and anti slide device, the outdoor crane shall be kept stationary under the action of non working wind. At this time, the influence of the brake and wheel flange on the side friction of the track is ignored.

2. There are many windproof and anti sliding devices which can not meet the safety requirements of the maximum non working wind pressure, so the anchoring device should be added.

3. When the anti wind and anti slide device locks the track, the crane running mechanism must not be started. There must be electrical interlock between them. The running mechanism can only be started when the anti wind and anti slide device is loose.

4. The locking action time of the anti wind and anti slide device shall lag behind the stopping time of the crane operation mechanism to avoid serious vibration of the crane outdoors.

5. The anti wind ability of the anti wind hang slide device mostly depends on the friction coefficient μ. As the outdoor crane works in the open air, with the change of climate, the value changes greatly, so the safety factor should be increased properly in the design.

6. The friction coefficient can be increased and the wind resistance capacity can be nearly doubled by rolling out the fine teeth on the jaw of the wind and anti slide device and surface quenching.

windproof device

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