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Crane maintenance: crane mechanical part maintenance and crane electrical part maintenance

In the current industrial field, cranes are required, with full functions, which can meet the needs of enterprises to the greatest extent. While improving work efficiency, it can also reduce production costs. The crane maintenance is simply divided into three parts: mechanical part, hydraulic system and electrical circuit.

Crane Mechanical Part Maintenance: Overhead Crane and Gantry Crane Machinery Maintenance

The main parts of crane machinery are crane motor, crane reducer, crane traveling device, crane hoist and winch, crane brake. Today the main introduction is the maintenance method and maintenance steps of crane machinery.


Crane Mechanical Part Maintenance

Crane motor maintenance and crane reducer maintenance

Carefully check whether there is any abnormality of temperature of the crane motor housing and bearing parts, and noise and vibration of the crane motor. When the crane frequent starting, the ventilation cooling capacity is reduced due to the low speed and the current is large, then the crane motor temperature rise will increase quickly, so it should be noted that the temperature rise of the crane motor must not exceed the upper limit specified in its manual when the crane frequent starting. Adjust the brake according to the requirements of the crane motor instruction manual.

The daily maintenance of the crane reducer can refer to the operation manual of the manufacturer. The anchor bolts of the reducer should be checked frequently, and the connection must not be loose.

Crane traveling device maintenance and lubrication maintenance

When the crane using for the first time, the ventilating cap of crane reducer should be opened first to ensure good ventilation to reduce internal pressure.Before work, it is necessary to check whether the height of lubricating oil level of crane reducer meets the requirements. If it is lower than the normal oil level, the same type of lubricating oil should be added in time.

The bearing of each wheel of the crane traveling mechanism has been filled with enough grease (calcium base grease) during the assembly, which does not need daily refueling. The grease can be replenished once every two months through the oil filling hole or by opening the bearing cover, and the grease can be disassembled, cleaned and replaced once a year. Apply the grease once a week to the open gear mesh.

Crane hoist group maintenance

Carefully observe the oil window of the reduction gear box of the crane and check whether the oil level of the lubricating oil is within the specified range. When the oil level is lower than the prescribed oil level, the lubricating oil should be replenished in time.

When the crane is not used frequently and the sealing condition is good, the lubricant in the gearbox of the crane is replaced every six months, and it is replaced every quarter when the use environment is bad. Change the oil immediately when water or foam is found in the tank and the oil is confirmed to have deteriorated. When changing oil, oil shall be replaced in strict accordance with the instructions of the reducer, and mixed use of oil shall be avoided by all means.

Grease should be filled every two days in the bearing seat of both ends of the drum. and the surface of the crane drum group and the wire rope should be greased according to the situation. The rolling bearings of the fixed and movable pulley groups should be replenished with grease every month. The movable shafts of the connecting rods of the crane brake are filled with lubricating oil every week.

Crane electrical part maintenance: Overhead Crane and Gantry Crane Electric Maintenance

Electrical equipment is a relatively complicated part of crane maintenance. Electrical appliances operate under shock, vibration and swing conditions, which are prone to crane electrical failures, especially in harsh environments such as high temperature, dust, and humidity, more prone to failure and may cause accidents. Therefore, the following daily safety inspections should be performed on the electrical parts of the crane.



Crane Electrical Part Maintenance

Crane Motor Maintenance

Check whether the insulation resistance of the crane motor is within the normal range, and whether there are abnormal noises and normal temperature rise during operation; check the slip rings, brushes, and wire joints for obvious cracks, wear, looseness, and toner adhesion etc., during shutdown.

Crane Bus bar and Accessories Maintenance and Crane Cable Maintenance

Check whether the current collector and sliding contact wire are deformed and worn, whether the tensioning device is normal, and whether the contact between the sliding contact wire and the slider is good. If the cable is used to transmit power, you should also check whether the cable insulation layer is aging, whether the cable guide is flexible, and whether the cable can be flexibly retracted.

Crane Electrical Components Maintenance

Check whether the switch housing is damaged, whether the pressure of the contact part is appropriate when closing, whether the capacity of the fuse meets the requirements; whether the main contact and auxiliary contact of the contactor are scorched, and whether the pressure between the contacts is sufficient during contact , Whether the contact is completely disengaged; whether there is any attachment on the contact surface of the contactor's dynamic and static iron cores, whether there is abnormal noise during suction, whether the arc extinguishing cover is intact; and whether the relays on the power distribution cabinet work normally Whether the terminal, connection screws are tight.

Crane Control System Maintenance

In the control room of the crane control system, it is necessary to check whether the movement directions of the master controllers are correctly connected. Pay attention to check for zero position protection. In particular, check whether there is an emergency power off switch on the console and confirm that it is effective in an emergency cut the power supply. Also, pay attention to check the sensitivity and reliability of overload limiters, torque limiters, and each stroke protection device.

Good crane maintenance is the key to ensure the crane performance and extend its service life. Therefore, we must take good care of your overhead crane and gantry crane so that it can bring you convenience and create value.