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Application of wireless remote control technology on crane

Crane wireless remote control technology plays an important role in reducing labor intensity, improving production efficiency and improving operation. The application of wireless remote control technology in crane is becoming more and more popular. From the operation principle, wireless remote control technology is a technology for remote control and detection of controlled objects, which belongs to an automatic control technology, and is a comprehensive technology composed of information technology and computer technology. Nowadays, many industrial and civil fields begin to use wireless remote control technology to improve the technical indicators of the original equipment and expand the scope of application. For example, remote control robot for dangerous operation, remote control industrial crown block in workshop, remote control construction equipment for outdoor operation, remote control garage, etc。


Composition of crane wireless remote control device:

1、Launcher of Crane wireless remote control

The launch area of wireless remote sensing technology is mainly composed of coding circuit and launch circuit. Its shell is generally made of impact resistant, waterproof, dustproof and oil resistant plastic. At the same time, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight and easy to carry.


2、Receiver of Crane wireless remote control

The receiver is mainly composed of antenna, receiving circuit, decoding circuit, loop and other parts. The receiving circuit is mainly composed of high frequency part and regulator. When the antenna receives weak signal, it will realize the transmission of circuit decoding according to the operation instructions, so as to provide effective support for the crane work.


3、Actuator of Crane wireless remote control

In the work of the actuator, we will design the reservation work through the analysis of the construction of the crane. The whole system is composed of relays and contactors. When the remote control button is pressed, the transmitter needs to process the coding instructions, so as to form an innovative digital coding impulse, ensure the timely acquisition of information, and provide the correct pulse signal for the executive mechanism of the crane Number.

The number of bytes for command data transmission is not large, but the requirements for transmission stability and anti-interference are high. At present, frequency hopping technology is used to realize long-distance transmission (more than 15km under small baud rate in open area). It is more suitable for the transmission of control class and less suitable for the transmission of communication class. Let me remember that a few days ago, a group of friends asked me if I could remotely debug the overload limiter of the crane. The answer is technically feasible, but cost and risk are the primary concerns.


Crane Wireless Remote Control Offering Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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