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The most ideal explosion-proof lifting equipment in the world-pneumatic hoist

The most ideal explosion-proof lifting equipment-pneumatic hoist is widely used in chemical, textile, spray paint, logistics, wharf and other flammable, explosive, high temperature, high dust and corrosive workplaces in industrialized countries abroad.


Due to explosion-proof lifting equipment's high frequency and infinitely variable speed, it is favored by manufacturing industries such as automobiles, tractors, motors, refrigerators, and logistics industries with large output and strong continuous operation.In particular, some industrially developed countries have clearly stipulated that the use of pneumatic gourds must be enforced in flammable and explosive fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, automobiles and mines.

So far explosion-proof lifting equipment Pneumatic hoist is the upgrading product of electric hoist, has been widely used in various industries, bearing range from 250 kg to 30 tons according to the type.Pneumatic hoist only need to provide a certain pressure of compressed air to drive, to achieve low energy consumption, high efficiency. And also also has the function of gas breaking protection, in the case of sudden gas breaking, to ensure that the workpiece does not drop, drop.

In addition, with various non-standard fixture, explosion-proof lifting equipment pneumatic hoist can achieve lifting of various shapes of the workpiece. The mounting form can be combined with cantilever suspension or guide rail to achieve movement.

The superiority of pneumatic hoist

1. Precise positioning

Avoid the problem of inaccurate positioning of ordinary lifting products, and be able to locate the load accurately to "centimeters ".

2. Adjustable speed

Stepless speed when lifting or descending; running fast, three times as fast as electric hoists; and 5-10 times as fast as hand chain blocks.

3. Simple operation

Pull rod control is simple and easy to control, in the lifting or descent, thus can quickly respond to the action of the handle output.

4. Clean safe and reliable

The internal lubrication system eliminates air pollution. Suitable for working in special or harsh environments such as moisture, humidity, high dust, etc.

5. Easy handling

Pneumatic hoist, in addition to the beauty of the appearance, smaller than electric hoist, light weight, easy to carry, and product structure design solid, make the operation reliable, small maintenance.

6. Overload protection

From the successful experience of Dejun Crane which has been continuously studied in the domestic and international market for many years. The pneumatic hoist fully grasps the key brake system and the low maintenance production technology in the process, avoids the heavy load overload to cause the damage to the product.

7. Gas Breaker Protection

Avoid sudden interruption of air supply causing sudden drop of dead weight. Make the product have a further quality assurance, thus eliminating the end user to suffer from the lifting or shedding of the problem.

8. Durable

The service life of pneumatic gourd is longer than that of similar products. Thus greatly reducing the end user's complaints about product quality issues.

Explosion-proof lifting equipment Pneumatic hoist is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal mine, textile, warehousing, household appliances production line, automobile manufacturing production line and ship repair and other industries, is an essential equipment for enterprises to safety production, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Dejun crane machinery welcome the majority of users to consult procurement.




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