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Purchase order from Haitian clients: 1 unit 20T double beam bridge crane and 4 units 5T single beam bridge cranes

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Purchase order from Haitian clients: 1 unit 20T double beam bridge crane and 4 units 5T single beam bridge cranes

DJCRANES got Haitian clients' inquiry the double beam and single beam bridge crane in April 2018, after communication with Mr EDOUARD BAUSSAN, we knew that their warehouse is lower than normal, but require higher lifting height, so we suggest using the European models bridge crane:


Tips:4 units 5t European models single beam bridge cranes and 1 unit 20t European models double beam bridge crane

The following is the European standard bridge crane deion:

European model bridge crane is DJCRANES' new designed crane for the low workshop and high lifting height demands. Its technology is advanced and design is based on international standard: DIN (Germany), FEM (Europe), and CE, ISO (International), working class A5, it is used for industrial plant and storage yard, used for moving heavy goods. It has below advantages:

■   Smaller Dead Weight

■   Compact steel structure

■   Working Performance better

■   Speed is variable with inverter

■   Working stable and safe

■   Less Maintenance

European model bridge cranes solution:

Haitian client sent us their completed working drawing and described the working conditions clearly, 4 units single beam bridge cranes will be used in same workshop, and another 20T double beam bridge crane will be used in the other place.

According to the all information from the client, our engineers calculated the workshop data and gave out the bridge crane span length and maximum lifting height, and design two general drawings for two model European Bridge cranes, and then sales manager Mr Lee gave the corresponding offer to the Haitian client through email.

After checked our deign and offer, Mr EDOUARD BAUSSAN talked with their steel structure supplier to ensure every is no problem, their steel structure supplier suggest Mr EDOUARD BAUSSAN to buy the bearing beams and traveling rails from DJCRANES, then we confirmed the workshop length and sent the last offer through email.

Finishing purchase order of two models bridge cranes:

After checked our last offer, Mr EDOUARD BAUSSAN were very satisfied the design and the communication process with sales manager Mr Lee, then asked the proforma invoice of 5 units bridge cranes with our bank account information; at the same time Mr EDOUARD BAUSSAN asked their purchase department to send us the purchase order, the total amount is more than USD120,000.00, after one week, DJCRANES received the 50% deposit, Mr Lee is responsible for the purchase order conformed and arranged 5 units bridge cranes fabrication at first time.

Following 5 units bridge cranes production:

During the production of 5 units bridge cranes, Mr Lee will ask our supervisors to supply the photos, test report for sending to Haitian client, and check the bridge cranes paint, package and shipping whole process for which Mr Lee send the updates to Mr EDOUARD BAUSSAN. At last, DJCRANES put the 5 units bridge cranes assembly and do the quality and capacity test, the report showed that everything goes well, then Mr Lee arrange catalogue, installation manual, and test report to Haitian client together.

Installation,commission and training

When 5 units bridge cranes arrived at Haitian client's plant, DJCRANES arranged technical teams for installation, commission and training client’s workers and engineers how to operate and maintenance the whole cranes, which can ensure the 5 units bridge cranes working stable and smoothly,also can increase client's working efficiency.

At last Mr EDOUARD BAUSSAN checked the whole 5 units bridge cranes working conditions and communication with DJCRANES' engineers, found out that everything is so wonderful and he is top satisfied with our works. Then told Mr Lee that: DJCRANES is very professional from sales man to engineers and after sales service, i am very pleasant to know DJCRANES and expect to cooperate again in near future.

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