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50 Ton Overhead Crane for America Die Factory

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Heavy duty overhead crane 50 ton sold to America for die factory. Dejun Cranes provides America customer not only high quality overhead crane but also crane solution and crane design, moreover, welcome customers to visit our factory. Check this 50 ton overhead crane case to learn more about us.

50 Ton Overhead Crane Transaction Process

On 16th January 2018, we Dejun Cranes received an inquiry about 50 ton double girder overhead crane. Then we contact to the client at once by email. Through the email, we get the span is 63.25 feet and lifting height is 30 feet. The 50 ton EOT crane will be used for lifting metal stamping dies and plastic injection molds. Electrical configuration can be cables. Power supply for the crane which is inside is 480V 60HZ 3Phase.

After we got the overhead crane parameters, we sent the quotation and technical drawing to our America client as soon as possible. Meanwhile we invited the client to visit our factory which can help our client to know more about us.

The client replied the offer very soon:

Han Lee,

Thank you so much for the quote and quick response. I only have 1650mm from the top of the rail to the lowest point of the ceiling. Is there a solution for this? I also do not require the cabin control.

Please advise.

Thank you

Crane Solution

According to the height request, after confirmation with our engineer and product department, we supply the customized design as 50 ton European standard double girder overhead crane for our client.

please see the following design about 50/10T double girder overhead crane:


50 ton overhead crane drawing

Then our client let us quote the shipping cost, he emailed us and write down:

Thank you for your quote Han Lee. Do you have any idea how much it will cost to ship it to the port of Baltimore, Maryland, United States?

Then we sent CIF quotation to client and they will be make final determination next week. About one week later, we received reply from the client:

Han Lee,

My colleague is in China currently and would like to make a visit to your plant next week. Will this be possible? If so, what day will work best for you?

We were very glad to get the news about visiting our factory. As a leader of European standard overhead craneand reputable manufacturer, we have more than 30+ experience in all kinds of crane.

Hello Han Lee,

My colleague is currently in Yangzhou and will be traveling to Shenzhen. I am not sure what day he would like to come and see you but I have copied him on this email.

It will only be one person coming to see you. His contact information is listed below.

Please work directly with xx to make the arrangements. He will expect a tour of the manufacturing facility as well as all of your banking details so we are able to send money to your company.

From above news, we get touch with client’s colleague by Wechat and confirm the schedule to visit our factory.


During visiting time, we have made a very deep impression on our clients based on our factory power, best sincerity and perfect production and inspection processing, please check the following news from our client:

Thank you for the update Han Lee. xx was impressed with his visit to your factory.

Are you able to add the cost of the electrical bus way to the cost of the crane? I need 500 feet or 155 meters.

Good Morning Han Lee,

I have reviewed your proposal and really want to buy a crane from Dejun. xx thought your factory was the best option.

Thanks for client's wise choice, we finally get the 50 ton overhead crane order from our America client as best quality.

Overhead Crane Production process

In each production stage, Dejun Cranes sent the production pictures to keep our America clients informed of the 50 ton overhead crane product progress and assured of the quality of our EOT cranes.


50 ton tverhead crane girders welding


Packing and delivery

After strict quality check, 50 ton European type overhead crane was delivered by open top container as agreed on schedule.


50 ton overhead crane packaging

50 ton European type overhead crane delivery


50 ton European type overhead crane delivery

Overhead Crane Installations

Our America customers installed the 50 ton overhead crane by themselves according to our installations specifications and electrics drawings.

We provide technical support throughout the customer installation process. During the installations, they have little difficulty in crane installation, our engineer gave them advice immediately. Finally, they finished the installations successfully.

To every client, Dejun Cranes supply best service, best sincerity based on best quality. To supply best product for the world is our target. Until now we had exported our cranes and hoists to 100+ countries. Therefore, if you have any cranes request, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will send the crane solution quickly.