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2 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane for Chile customer

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2 ton mobile gantry crane for sale to Chile. 2 ton mobile gantry crane with electric chain hoist for lifting steel for our Chile customer. Check the 2 ton mobile gantry crane case now.

2 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane Main Specification

 Mobile Gantry Crane Lifting Capacity: 2 Ton

■ Mobile Gantry Crane Span: 3 Meter

■ Mobile Gantry Crane Lifting Height: 3 Meter

■ Mobile Gantry Crane Voltage: 380V 50HZ 3P

2 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane Delivery and Packaging

After 20 days production, we finished the 2 ton mobile gantry crane production and arranged the delivery.


2 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane Production


2 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane Delivery

Mobile Gantry Crane Introduction and Application

Mobile gantry cranes are suitable for the manufacture of molds, auto repair plants, mines, civil construction sites and where lifting is required. It can reduce manpower, reduce production and operation costs, and increase work efficiency.

The advantages of the mobile gantry are mobility, detachable installation, small footprint, and can be transferred to another site for installation with a mini car. The width and height can be adjusted step by step. The steel structure is reasonable in design and can withstand the weight from 100 to 5000KG. 

The mobile gantry crane is suitable for installation, handling and commissioning of workshop equipment, and loading and unloading of goods on the car, lifting large parts of the engine in the auto repair shop, etc.

Mobile Gantry Crane Installation Steps

Mobile gantry crane installation is simple, the customers can install it by themselves, or we can send our customers the installation guide and the tools that the installation need.

■ Installation step 1: The bracket and the main beam are in place,

■ Installation step 2: Caster installation

■ Installation step 3: Connect the column and the bracket

■ Installation step 4: Stand up the gantry

■ Installation step 5: Adjust the small wheelbase (the distance between the two guide wheels should be the same     as the width of the I-rail surface)

■ Installation step 6: Hoist installation 

■ Installation step 7: Electrical system installation and wiring connection

■ Installation step 8: Installation completed, ready for use


Dejun Crane can provide you customized mobile gantry crane according to your working condition and requirements. If you have need, please Contact Us freely. 

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