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Safety Precautions Of Overhead Traveling Crane

Overhead traveling crane is a mechanical equipment which is used to lift various objects above the workshop, warehouse and open piling yard. overhead traveling crane is the most widely used hoisting machinery in the mechanical industry, metallurgical industry and chemical industry.

In modern industrial enterprises, overhead traveling crane is one of the important equipment to realize the mechanization and automation of production process, reduce heavy manual labor and improve production efficiency. The following safety precautions should be paid attention to when using the Overhead Traveling Crane safely:

overhead traveling Crane operation indicator.jpg

single girder overhead traveling crane operation indicator

1. Do not lift goods when the signal of overhead traveling crane is unknown;

The unclear signal of the crane is mainly aimed at the air operated overhead traveling crane with the cab. Because the hoisted object is far away from the crane operator, it needs to communicate with the surrounding staff in time, or a special overhead traveling crane commander is set on the ground, and the ground commander gives the air operator in the cab command signal in time. 

2. Overhead traveling crane is not allowed to slanting and slanting goods;

The main illegal operation mode of the overhead traveling crane is the inclined traction and the inclined hanging of goods. When the safety protection device is damaged in the process of the cable-stayed, the steel wire rope may be cut, and the uncertain external force may be generated on the structure of the overhead traveling crane, which is very harmful。

3. Overhead traveling crane is not allowed to lift if its weight is unknown or overload;

Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to worry about the weight of the goods lifted by the overhead traveling crane, because the current overhead traveling crane must be equipped with overload limiter, and if the weight exceeds the rated value of the overhead traveling crane, the lifting control circuit will be disconnected, so the overload limiter is a very important protection element. In the daily maintenance of the overhead traveling crane, it is necessary to check whether the limiter works normally.

4. Overhead traveling cranes are not allowed to be hoisted and bundled or scattered;

During the operation of overhead traveling crane, it is necessary to form a good habit and operate in strict accordance with the requirements and specifications. It is not allowed to lift heavy objects, especially the molten metal once scattered, for fear of trouble or luck.


double girder overhead traveling crane

5. Overhead traveling crane is not allowed to be lifted when there is someone on the lifting object;

6. Overhead traveling crane is not allowed to lift objects buried in the ground;

When the overhead traveling crane lifts the objects buried in the ground or the heavy objects connected with the ground, it will cause destructive damage to the overhead traveling crane.

7. Do not lift goods in case of failure or failure of safety device;

Safety device is the safety defense line to protect the crane. 90% of the faults of overhead traveling cranes are caused by the failure of safety device. The failure of safety device may also cause heavy casualties. Therefore, regular maintenance should be carried out during the use process.

8. Do not lift the goods when the light on site is dark and the lifting objects cannot be seen clearly;

9. Overhead traveling crane is not allowed to lift the goods when sharp objects are directly contacted with wire ropes and no protection measures are taken;

10. Overhead traveling crane is not allowed to lift when there are strong winds of six or more;

The strong wind mainly refers to the outdoor gantry crane, because the strong wind may cause the equipment out of control, resulting in accidental injury.

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