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Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. leaders visited Dejun Crane production plant to guide

On the afternoon of October 30, Ms. Sauerberg Isabella, Director of Global Sales of Siemens Industrial Cranes, Ms. Chen Qing, Product Specialist of Siemens Crane simocrane, Cheng Zhiliang, Sales Director of Siemens Henan, and Chen Qianchun, Siemens Product Specialist, visited Henan Dejun. The general manager of Ren of Henan Dejun and other leaders warmly received the guests, and the relevant person in charge of the company participated in the discussion and exchange.

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 Symposium Between Henan Dejun and Siemens

At the symposium, General manager of Ren welcomed the arrival of the director of Sauerberg Isabella on behalf of the company. He thanked Siemens for its long-term concern and support for Henan Dejun, and introduced the history, organization structure, capacity scale, human resource allocation of Henan Dejun, production and operation status and future development planning of this year. He said that strengthening and expanding the main business of cranes is the core strategy of Henan Dejun. Siemens is the main supplier of Henan Dejun, we hope Siemens to give Henan Dejun more support in the future, such as electrical component product supply, technological innovation and safety guarantee. We hope that both of us will make full use of the platform and our own resources, strictly control risks, and work hard toward deep cooperation in the supply chain. We hope that our two sides will further strengthen exchanges and learning, mutual support and help, deepen cooperation and develop hand in hand.

After listening to the general manager introduction, Director Sauerberg Isabella talked about the experience of visiting the Henan Dejun, thanked Henan Dejun for its support and trust to Siemens, and briefly introduced the key initiatives that Siemens will launch in China in the future. She said that Henan Dejun is a modern enterprise with first-class production and operation capabilities. She is full of confidence in the two sides to broaden cooperation areas and deepen cooperation and friendship. Director Sauerberg Isabella said that Siemens always pays attention to the development of Henan Dejun, keeps abreast of the needs of Henan Dejun, and will maintain close cooperation and contacts. At the same time, Siemens has always been in line with world standards, expanding plant capacity and developing technology to provide sufficient quality products and services for Henan Dejun.

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Siemens Global Sales Director Ms. Sauerberg Isabella

At the end of the meeting, the two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges on specific cooperation issues and the next cooperation plan. The two sides stated that under the development trend of new, intelligent and fully automatic cranes, strengthen communication, enhance collaboration and mutual benefit.

Ms. Sauerberg Isabella and her party visited the Henan Dejun production site and spoke highly of Henan's first-class on-site management, excellent technical indicators, high-end smart equipment, and strong corporate culture.

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Siemens Global Sales Director Visited Crane Production Factory

Founded in 1847, Siemens is a global leader in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. It is one of the world's top 500 companies and ranks among the top in the industry in product innovation. For more than ten years, Henan Dejun and Siemens have established a strong strategic partnership.

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