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Birth of "Crane Intelligent Factory" of Henan Dejun

In recent years, Henan Dejun has seized new opportunities of "intelligence +" and "Internet +", and based on the innovative service model of the Internet of Things, intensified the innovative application of product informationization, to realize the hoisting machinery performance monitoring, health assessment, fault diagnosis, intelligent maintenance the whole life cycle of management of intelligent extension application of cloud services. It has comprehensively promoted the company's transformation and upgrade from "production-oriented manufacturing" to "service-oriented manufacturing."

Therefore, Henan Dejun has vigorously increased the digitization rate and networking rate of key production equipment, promoted the information connectivity and manufacturing coordination of production equipment, improved the overall level of manufacturing equipment informationization, and promoted the automation and digitization of the manufacturing process, real-time management and transparency of the production process, controllable and traceable  materials and quality management, visualization and remoteization of production progress and process monitoring, committed to the interconnection of people, people and things, things and things, and based on data to continuously improve the enterprise Internal operations, product development and production manufacturing. 

Based on Business and Information Management

To strengthen the internal management of the enterprise as the core, to promote the development of all-round informationization, to build an information management system covering sales, finance, supply, production, warehousing, quality inspection, and after-sales services. Establish a unified standard and implement it into the information platform through norms, systems, business forms, master data, and business processes to ensure that norms, systems, and business processes are effectively implemented and executed. At the same time, make full use of the information platform, realize unified resource allocation from the overall perspective, help optimize the organizational structure, and achieve the goal of saving management costs, improving management efficiency and benefits through process simplification, standardization and seamless connection.

Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment

By purchasing a batch of numerical control equipment and robots and other automated and intelligent production equipment, we will increase the proportion of CNC machining centers, industrial robots, automated production lines, and automated production equipment. Construction of single and double beam crane robot welding lines to improve welding quality level, improve working conditions, and increase product production efficiency. Lay a solid foundation for building a "Intelligent Factory".

At present, the factory has 2420 sets of equipment, including 236 industrial robots; 445 sets automation and intelligent equipment.


CNC Finishing Robot


End Beam Welding Robot


Single Beam Girder Inner Seam Robot Welding Assembly Line


Double Beam Girder Inner Seam Robot Welding Workstation

Equipment Interconnection and Information Integration

Through the deep integration of informationization and production equipment and other physical entities, the production mode of intelligent manufacturing is realized. Through the functions of machine networking, data collection, big data analysis, visualization and intelligent decision-making, digital production equipment, such as numerical control equipment, robot and automatic production line, can realize distributed network communication, centralized program management and real-time monitoring of equipment status and more.

When a certain period of quality occurs in production, a comprehensive analysis of the main process parameters and product quality of the process can be used to provide scientific and quantitative reference data for technical personnel and management personnel to improve the process, and in the later production process, reduce bad parameters, to ensure the optimal production parameters, so as to ensure the consistency and stability of products.


Equipment Management Platform


Device Management Platform Mobile Terminal

Intelligent Design and Data Analysis

By establishing a PDM diagram document management system, realizing product digitization, improving design efficiency and design reuse, using digital design and analysis models to achieve digital interaction with customers, and achieving the goals of synchronous design and collaborative research and development.

Apply PDM and PLM systems to centrally manage technical information files during product development, realize project team information sharing, collaborative research and development, apply CAPP system to uniformly manage process data and technological process, and use integrated applications of multiple systems to product Centralized management of the entire life cycle and process design process to improve technology research and development efficiency.

Through the integration of the PLM system and the information management system, the information in the standard parts library and the common parts library are transferred to the production planning and production management site to form a bill of materials (BOM) to achieve design and production integration, reduce intermediate conversion errors, and improve products. At the same time, through real-time feedback of on-site production data, design problems in actual production are discovered in time, which facilitates rapid design adjustment and optimization, and further improves design rationality.


ANSYS Finite Element Analysis

Production Control and Quality Traceability

During the cranes manufacturing process, by collecting, analyzing, and processing data such as personnel information, material information, equipment status information, product design and process information, manufacturing data, inventory information, and logistics information, the data is uploaded to the production execution system, which is a production system Provide management modules such as manufacturing data management, planning and scheduling management, production scheduling management, inventory management, quality management, equipment management, procurement management, cost management, energy management, production process control, low-level data integration analysis, and upper-level data integration decomposition A solid, reliable, comprehensive and feasible manufacturing collaborative management platform.

By assigning an identification number (QR code) to a single product, each product has a unique product number. Data collection and tracking of product production, warehousing, sales, after-sales service and other links to achieve full life cycle management of product production, sales, circulation, and service.

When there is a problem with the quality of the product, the system can query the product's specific batch, production time, production team, circulation area and other information in order to track down the cause of the problem and achieve fast and accurate recall processing.


Production Execution System Architecture


Visualization Platform for Production Management


Site Management Kanban

Henan Dejun takes intelligent manufacturing as its focus and fully promotes the improvement of lifting equipment quality. In 2018, Henan Dejun has taken the lead in setting an example on the intelligent workshop and has become a new benchmark for industry development. Intelligent production, intelligent products and intelligent services have achieved good results. On the basis of intelligent production lines and intelligent workshops, Henan Dejun has been rated as the Intelligent Factory of Henan Province in 2019 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Henan Province, which has further promoted the upgrade and upgrade of Henan Dejun overhead cranes quality and service.

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