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Solutions To Common Problems In The Operation Failure Of Electric Chain Hoist

Since the electric chain hoist with its own sports car can realize the up and down left and right movement of I-beam, the application field is particularly wide, greatly improving the work efficiency, but in the use process, there are inevitable problems, such as operation failure, etc., the following djcrane summarizes the common methods to solve the operation failure of the Electric Chain Hoist:


1. Power supply voltage too low.
Solution: measure whether the voltage value is lower than 10% of the scale supply voltage.
2. Check whether the phase of the power line is connected wrongly. If it is connected wrongly, the phase protection will be activated, so it cannot be manipulated.
Solution: adjust the power lines of two phases to each other.
3. The fuse of the control electric chain hoist circuit is burnt
Solution: check and replace the fuse.
4. The fuse of the power supply is blown or the fuse free switch is tripped.
Solution: check whether the current requirements are met, replace the appropriate fuse or restart the fuse free switch.


5. The power cord or control circuit wire is broken or not connected properly.

Solution: repair or replace the broken and poor contact power cord.
6. The electric chain hoist motor makes a sound, but does not rotate.

Solution: check whether the motor phase is accurate - repair and do insulation well.
7. The emergency switch is pressed.

Solution: confirm the reason for pressing the emergency switch.
8. The coil of the contactor is short circuited.

Solution: replace the contactor.
9. Poor contact.

Solution: manually operate the electric chain hoist. If the electric chain hoist operates normally, it means that the control coil or wire has poor contact, find out the bad position and repair it.


Electric Chain Hoist Of Dejun Hoist and Crane

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